LA-BRON: The Lakers got the KING!!!

LA-bron is his new nickname. I know, I know, its corny as hell. But for the simple fact that Lebron James FINALLY decided to leave Cleveland and join the Los Angeles Lakers, I’m calling him LA-bron! For an entire year, all anyone could talk about was “Where will Lebron go in free agency?” Sunday, July 1st he answered everyone’s question.

Los Angeles was the only place that LA-bron wanted to go, and the Lakers were the only team he wanted to play for. I think his mind was set on this a long time ago, he just had to wait for all the pieces to fall into place.  Los Angeles is Hollywood. Los Angeles brings opportunity. But more importantly for LA-bron, Los Angeles is now home. But what does this mean for rest of the league? Let me break it down for you…

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LOS ANGELES LAKERS: 4 years, 154-million-dollar contract, might actually be a discount if you consider what LA-bron can bring to your organization. The Staples Center will be sold out the day season tickets go on sale. And you better have so money, because you can guarantee those tickets won’t be cheap at all. Everything will cost you to be a LA-bron fan. Getting a purple and gold “23” jersey is going to be damn near impossible. But there will be so much merchandise that fans won’t even know what to buy. But the biggest thing LA-bron brings to the Lakers, is a chance to win again. The Lakers at the top of the list of historic franchises. LA-bron makes them relevant again. They might not be able to beat a team like Golden State now, but the Magic Man has a plan.

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THE REST OF THE LEAGUE: Free Agents will see the potential to live and LA as well as compete for Championship alongside LA-Bron, and be excited to be a part of it. Whether it be this year of next year, the Lakers will get another big name superstar. Kawhi Leonard has already expressed that he wants to go to there, but who else could they get? Could they build a super team to compete with the Warriors? By adding LA-bron, and having cap space, it makes all the Lakers’ dreams possible. But it also brings fear to the Western Conference. It was already hard enough for teams to have to deal with the Warriors 3 or 4 times a year, now you got the Lakers too. I feel sorry for the Eastern Conference teams, when they come out west to have to play Golden State one night, and the Lakers the following night.

CAVS FANS: I’m sorry. Again. When Lebron left you to go to Miami in 2010, I felt awful for you. When he came back in 2014, I was excited for you. When you beat my Warriors team in 2016 and won a championship, I was pissed at you. And now with him leaving you to go play with the Lakers, I just feel sorry for you. The King has left his throne, and decided to head out west. Lebron James is now LA-bron. The only way you can “Witness Greatness” every day now, is to get NBA League Pass on cable.

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