Lebron’s Summer Vacation: Where does LBJ end up?

Lebron James just had one of his best playing year in his 15th NBA season. Well, it was one of his best, up until he got swept by the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals.

But was Game 4 his last game as a Cavalier? As I watched game 4, Lebron James looked like a man who was tired his surroundings. I know Cavs’ fans don’t want to hear this, but Lebron shouldn’t continue to waste his talents for an organization who doesn’t even treat him like he’s the king. 2 seasons ago, Kevin Durant made a big decision to leave the Oklahoma City Thunder, and join a 73-win, Golden State Warriors’ team. Me being Warriors fan, I had no problems with his decision, but the rest of the world criticized the hell out of him for it. Shit they still do now. Durant and the Warriors have won the Championship the last 2 years, and he was the MVP in both. Doesn’t seem like a bad decision at all! (Side Note: FLAGRANT FOUL will be at the Warriors parade today at Lake Merritt.) The question is, does Lebron want to go through the same type of criticism if he leaves Cleveland again? Is it worth it? It seems like the only way to win a championship now, is to team up with other all-stars. So what will Lebron do now that he is a free agent? These are 3 teams I think he should go to, and why.

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1. San Antonio Spurs: Personally, I think that this would be the best place for Lebron to go. Kwahi Lenard is probably the best 2-way player in basketball. When healthy, he is a top 3 player, and would be the best sidekick for Lebron. He’s a low maintance superstar who has been taught by the one of the best coaches ever. There was a lot of dysfunction in San Antonio this year, and Kwahi was the the center of it all, due to his leg injury. He has been working out on his own, but if the Spurs organization could mend their relationship with him, adding Lebron would make them unstoppable. Gregg Popovich is the best coach in the NBA. He knows how to get the most out of his players, and it would be unbelievably beneficial for Lebron’s career to finally have a top notch coach to bring more of his talents out. (It’s crazy to even think that Lebron could actually get better.) A Big 3 of Lebron, Kwahi, and Lamarcus Aldridge, would match of with the Warriors perfectly. San Antonio might not be the most exciting place to play, but it is the best place to play, if Lebron wants to win now.
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2. Los Angeles Lakers: LA is my second choice because of the lifestyle. Lebron is not only the best player in the NBA,but he also is the biggest brand in all of sports. Lebron is all about big business, and there is no better place to capitalize in life than Los Angeles. One day, Lebron’s career will come to an end, but his brand and legacy cam live on forever, if he capitalizes on it in the right way. And, of course in the right city. The Lakers have a lot of young talent in their organization, but more importantly they have a lot of cap room to sign another big name free agent. Maybe even 2 more. If Lebron can get a few superstars together to come play with him, Los Angeles might be able to make some noise. Maybe not win right away, but in time they will be a force. Plus there is nothing like living in LA. Shit anything is better than living in Cleveland.
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3. Philadelphia 76ers: Philly is my third choice, only because of the young talent that they have. Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid are two of the most exciting young talents in the NBA. Simmons, who will most likely win the rookie of the year, and Embiid who is a global superstar. Embiid was an all-star this year, and he was a monster at the center position. Scoring, rebounding, shooting, Embiid could do it all. Simmons, who actually plays similar to Lebron James, showed everyone why he was the number on pick a few years ago. If Lebron could join forces with them, and teach them different aspects of the game, they might be the NBA’s scariest teams for many years to come.
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Lebron James will have a lot of decisions to make this summer. Like Kevin Durant did two years ago, Lebron will have meetings with about 7 or 8 different teams this summer. All I know is that where ever he goes, it will change the structure of NBA completely. Of course everyone has their thoughts about where he should go, but only Lebron knows what he really wants, and whats best for him. What I do know is that he better get the hell away from Cleveland! It’s time to move on…
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