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Meet the Foul Men of The Flagrant Foul


Growing up in the Bay Area, Shawn took to sports at an early age. Basketball was his favorite sport, and he was destined to make a career out of it. Playing high school basketball for San Leandro High (San Leandro, CA), lead to him playing college ball for BYU-Hawaii and Cal State East Bay.

Despite not making a professional career out of playing basketball, Shawn is still determined to make a career in sports. Inspired by sports insiders like, Adam Schefter and Chris Broussard, he has taken special interest in sports media, and journalism. Looking to provide the sports-blog world a creatively-personal side of sports journalism, while covering hard hitting topics, Shawn, along with Darrell Moore, created theflagrantfoul.com. 

“Our goal is to continue to expand our brand, as well as find new and exciting ways to connect with our audience.” Shawn brings a unique perspective to every episode of the #HellaFlagrant Podcast and is the lead writer for the site’s blog. 

Name: Shawn Broadnax
Social Media: shawn.b.flagrant (Instagram/Twitter)
Goals: To be the #1 sports insider/journalist
Position: Co-founder of theflagrantfoul.com /sports journalist
Favorite Sports: Basketball. Football, Boxing
Favorite Sports Teams: Golden State Warriors, Oakland Raiders

Darrell Moore, a product of Oakland, CA I fell in love with sports at an early age. The Bay Area sports scene in the 80’s and 90’s made it easy for any kid to get into the love of professional sports. My grandmother was a die-hard Oakland A’s and San Fransisco 49ers fan, I remember her not allowing us kids to speak during games. That intense fan experience stuck with me. The Bash Brothers, Run TMC, and Jerry Rice all stick out as influential sports figures that helped me learn to appreciate how to win at a high level. 

Playing baseball, basketball, and running track for most of my young life, I also learned the competitive skills necessary to survive in any game. Transitioning into college and the business world, I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from The University of Tampa in the spring of 2005. 

Working for a variety of entertainment publications, and media businesses, I have always been involved in writing, publication, event management, and marketing. After 12 years of branding other businesses, I boldly decided to push a product that my best friend and I dreamed of since middle school. 

2017, Shawn.B.Flagrant and I put together the site as way to create unique conversations about the sports stories that happen just outside the playing lines. The Flagrant Foul and the #HellaFlagrant Podcast are our views and opinions on the side of sports that doesn’t always get the coverage that interests true fans. 

From betting, to arrests, and fights, sports media has a side that fans can dive into and create dialogue over various mediums, we look to be a hub for those discussions. 

Name: Darrell Moore
Social Media: @flgrantdm (Instagram)
Email: dm@theflagrantfoul.com
Position: Co-Founder of The Flagrant Foul
Favorite Sports: Basketball, Football, Baseball, Track and Field, Boxing
Favorite Teams: Golden State Warriors, Oakland A’s, San Francisco 49ers

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