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Riding ‘Round and Getting It! Former NFL TE Arrested with 25lbs of Marijuana in His Car!

What do you do when your 3-year, $2.5 million dollar (estimated) contract dries up and you haven’t played in over two full seasons? Traffic pounds of Marijuana duh! Well at least thats what former NFL Tight End, Adrien Robinson decided to do with his free time.

Photo Credit: Mel Evans/ AP

Pulled over in the late hours of Monday night July 31st, in Union County, PA, Robinson was initially stopped for an improper lane change. According to the police report, officers claimed that Robinson began “acting suspiciously” and prompted them to conduct a search of the vehicle.

The impending search unveiled that Robinson was holding an alleged 25 pounds of marijuana, a metal grinder, a digital weight scale, a vacuum sealer machine and vacuum seal bags. Now, I’m no expert in trafficking drugs of any kind, but I’m almost sure you don’t drive around with the entire weed shop in your backseat. But this a football player, and I’m a writer so what do we know about how to properly move drugs about the country?

Photo Credit: The Standard Journal

Robinson, 28, has not seen a football field since he was released by the Giants at the start of the 2015 season. Playing his only full season in 2014, Robinson caught 5 passes for a total of 50 yards. Not enough for Giants to keep paying him and the Jets who signed and immediately waived him wanted no parts of Robinson either.

With no insight into his personal life, it is safe to assume with this amount of weight (estimated street value $75,000 – $100,000) that Robinson was seeking other forms of income since his football days were surely being put behind him. However this ends for Adrien Robinson, I’m not going to feel bad for the guy. Over 2 million collected for less than 20 games of play and this is how you blow it? There’s a disconnect we don’t call that fiscally responsible over here.

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