Alabama and Georgia square off in a THRILLER!

Alabama Crimson Tide was back in the National Championship again. This time, they would be facing the Georgia Bulldogs. All year long, Georgia has been knocking off all of the big teams. They dominate on defense, and have a very explosive running game. Alabama is still the best of the best. Nick Saban (coach of Alabama), runs that team like a machine. Hard hitting monsters, that feast on the other team’s quarterback. They intimidate everyone they play against. ROLL DAMN TIDE!!! If Saban wins, it would be his 5th National Championship as the coach of Alabama. For Georgia, it will be their first. Their coach, actual worked under Nick Saban, as his assistant at Alabama, 2 years ago. Just another plot to this story. So let me break down the game for you as I saw it.
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Atlanta, GA. Mercedes-Benz Stadium. National Championship Game. The day had finally come for these 2 teams to square off, and the game would not disappoint. At about 5:15 pm, both teams were out on the field to salute the National Anthem. The President, who has issues with people not standing for the flag, decided to make an appearance at the game. Fans responded with a mixture of cheers and boos towards him. (I was booing from inside my house, if you were wondering.) It was also evident that he didn’t know the words to the national anthem. Pathetic.
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Anyway, back to the game. It started off slow. A defensive struggle. Both teams were giving their all, but very little ground was being made. Sack after sack, punt after punt, it seem like no points would ever be scored. Alabama had a chance to kick an easy field goal, in the first quarter, and their kicker missed it by a mile. (Hint hint: He would fuck up again later too.) The second quarter, Georgia would gain a little bit of steam. They finally put some points on the board with 2 field goals. With 7 seconds to go in the fist half, Georgia would score a touchdown, on a trick running play against Alabama. They would lead the game at the half, 13- 0.
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The start of the second half, Nick Saban showed the world, why he is the best coach in college football. He benched his starting quarterback, Jalen Hurts! Jalen has started for Alabama for the last 3 years, and on the very last game of the season, in the championship game, he was benched for a freshman! That’s got to kill your pride. But the freshman decided to ball out. Georgia’s defense was still strong, but freshman quarterback, Tua Tagovailoa, made big plays. Jalen couldn’t throw the ball to anyone in the first half, but Tua Tagovailoa could in the second. He brought Alabama all the way back to tie the game up. It came down to one last kick for Alabama to win the game, and the kicker missed another terrible field goal!
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Georgia lost the coin flip, and Alabama deferred. The rule in overtime is that if you start off with the ball, you have to score a touchdown to win on your first drive. You cant win with a field goal. Once the other team gets a chance to score a touchdown, who ever leads by the end of the drive wins. Georgia did their best to move the ball, but could only come away with field goal. It was now Alabama’s turn. The first play, Tua was sacked. It looked like Georgia might win the game!. Tua Tagovailoa had other plans. On the next play he threw a 41-yard bomb to one of his receivers. Touchdown, Alabama wins, 26-23. ROLL DAMN TIDE!!!
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The biggest hero of the night, was a kid who hadn’t played all year. On the biggest stage, he showed the world that he was the future of college football. For Nick Saban, he would win his 5th National Championship. For the city of Georgia, they just choked away their second championship in under a year. Y’all remember the super bowl from last year? Atlanta Falcons fans will never forget….28-3.
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