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Arrested! Dante Fowler Jr. Arrested for Battery and Criminal Mischief

I feel like some guys just want to be featured on this site, almost as if they say to themselves “Hey, I want Shawn and Darrell to drag me through the mud this week.” Well Dante Fowler Jr. your wish is granted sir. Fowler was arrested in the evening hours on Tuesday, July 18th for what is being called “Simple Battery and Criminal Mischief”.

Photo Credit: ABC Action News, St Petersburg, FL

According to the report filed in his hometown of St Petersburg, FL, Fowler was driving through an apartment complex when a pedestrian “made a comment about Fowler’s driving”. Fowler then stepped out of the vehicle, approached and struck the pedestrian. Let’s review this so far. You’re probably driving too fast in a residential area, someone calls you out on it, you decide the next best thing to do is hit him? Right?

Photo Credit: NBC Sports

Wrong! You’re also the #3 Draft Choice from the 2015 NFL Draft. You also sat your rookie year due to injury. You had a decent enough year last season to make the starting roster (maybe) for 2017. So go ahead and risk forfeiting any of that $6.5 million dollars the Jags are putting up against the salary cap for you this season, we dare you. In addition to hitting the man, the report also indicates that Fowler stepped on the man’s glasses and threw his grocery bag containing liquor into the lake.

Photo Credit: LA Times

Now, I don’t care what position you play, you throw my recently purchased spirits that I work hard for into a lake, trust me we’ll have real problems. But this isn’t about me, clearly, because this story would read a lot different. Fowler, who was arrested in March of 2016 on assault charges and for resisting arrest, probably needs to take a minute and think about his anger before “the shield” starts making these decisions for him.

The Flagrant Foul definitely has our eyes on you Mr. Fowler.

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