Assault: Oakland Raider’s Sean Smith charged!

Assault seems to be the flavor of the month in the NFL. Corner back, Sean Smith is the new story in the news, as he was arrested Thursday for a situation stemming back from July 4th. According to TMZ, Smith attacked his sister’s boyfriend in a ridiculous fashion. Stomped his head in and left him unconscious on the sidewalk! Reports say that the boyfriend was taken to the hospital in critical condition, suffering broken bones in his face. Basically, Sean Smith tried to kill his sister’s boyfriend! Multiple witnesses told the police that Smith was the attacker, and he is now facing felony assault charges for his actions. Yesterday he was taken into custody, and will have his first court date on September 29th. He was released after posting bail.

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This could not come at a worse time for the Oakland Raiders. As week 2 of the preseason begins, the Raiders need every player focused and more importantly available. Especially Sean Smith. Last year, the Raiders were awful at covering wide receivers, and Smith was one of the main reasons why. He played awful last year! Time after time, I watched this dude blow coverage and get beat down the field. And all this after signing a 4 year, 38-million-dollar contract. Long story short, he wasn’t anywhere worth the money! And now this incident comes out.

Sean Smith is in a terrible spot right now, and at this point, nothing is in his favor. I don’t know what his sister’s boyfriend did, but Smith should have made a better decision. To react that way, over whatever went on that day, wasn’t smart for him, or his career. I mean, he beat the man senseless and just left him, laid out on the street! I’m not here to judge, and I don’t know the reason for it, but I do know that Sean Smith can’t afford any problems right now.

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Smith has been playing on the second string, and is in danger of being released from the team. This assault incident will probably guarantee he gets cut. The Raiders just got past the Gareon Conley rape case, they don’t want to deal with this situation. I’m positive that more will come from this, but as of now, it looks like Sean Smith is in some serious trouble. He faces 7 years of jail time if he’s convicted.

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