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The Barn is Completely Burned to the Ground! What A Super Bowl!

In a season riddled with injuries, protests, and plenty of controversy, why would we expect anything less of Super Bowl 52. But, before we talk about how Billy B and Tommy Touchdowns lost to a Nick Foles lead Eagles team, lets get into how we got here.

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Going 2-2 in their first 4 games, New England, and much of the AFC looked like they would be chasing Kansas City for the title spot. However, the then unknown Jaguars defense was putting teams to bed at an alarming rate. Holding Indianapolis to a goose-egg, and the Ravens, Texans, Browns and Bengals all to 7 points each, Jacksonville was definitely a wild card in the AFC. With injury to Gronk and talks of an injury to Brady’s throwing hand, the AFC Championship game looked prime for the Jaguars to upset the Champs. Coming off an incredible 45-42 win over the Steelers, the Jags looked poised to upset the Patriots. Down early, Tommy Boy was never rattled. The Pats offense marched down to secure a 24-20 win over Jacksonville and take them back to the Super Bowl.

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On the other side of the schedule lay a NFC in serious question. Early in the season, Atlanta, Carolina, and Green Bay looked to be strong favorites. However, with Aaron Rodgers going down to a broken collar bone, and the Rams gaining strength as a contender, the NFC was surely up for grabs. Fast forward to the NFC Playoffs where the Saints knocked out Carolina, Minnesota sent the Saints home, and Atlanta looked like they were going to head back to the Super Bowl after defeating the Rams. Enter the notably strong Eagles. Winning their first 13 regular season games lead by star QB Carson Wentz, Philly was a force to reckon with. Loosing Wentz to a torn ACL in week 14, backup Nick Foles stepped up to continue this run for the Eagles. Sliding past the Falcons, the Eagles would now be facing a Vikings team who had also shocked their way into the NFC Championship game. The battle of the backup quarterbacks between Nick Foles and Case Keenum left Foles’ Eagles the victor and sent them into U.S. Bank Stadium to face the defending champions.

Maybe it was just me, but it felt like there was very little drama and excitement heading into this Super Bowl. Most people, myself included were expecting Philadelphia to put on a good show at best, but we all KNEW Brady wasn’t about to lose to a BACKUP! If this NFL season has taught us anything it’s that we know nothing about football. With money moving in the direction of Philadelphia, I had to take a closer look, and I still couldn’t find a win for the Eagles in everything I read. Maybe a strong showing but the Brady comeback is undeniable. Low and behold, Super Bowl 52.

The Eagles jumped out early as expected and Nick Foles was looking like he belonged in this game. Hitting Gronk and Chris Hogan for TDs in the 3rd and then Gronk again for another in the 4th, that Brady magic was coming alive and Eagles fans could feel what so many teams have felt at this point in the game. Deep in the 4th down 32-33 Nick Foles and his Eagles marched down the field to complete a heavily reviewed and slightly controversial Zach Ertz touchdown.   Down 38-33 with 2:21 left on the clock, Tom Brady had plenty of time to put his team ahead. On the 2nd play of the drive however, Eagles DE Brandon Graham caused a sack fumble and the Eagles recovered!

What the F*&$!!!!!!! You mean it’s not going to happen again? No miraculous Brady – Belichik statue of liberty play for the end zone? Nope not in 2018. Not even in a game where Tom Brady threw for 505 yards, 3 TDs and no INTs. The Philadelphia Eagles’ are your Super Bowl 52 Champions. Plain and simple…

There’s no question that the 2017 NFL Football season was a scattered mess of backup QB’s, dangerous hits, peaceful player protests, lost sponsors, curious trades, learning rookie names mid-season, concussion protocols, debated play reviews, and even a word from the President! The only question left is, what will next season have in store?

Happy Off-Season Football Fans

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