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Ben Gordon Arrested over his Security Deposit!

Ben Gordon has had a hard time lately! Its been one arrest after another. If you don’t know much about Ben, I completely understand. He hasn’t been in the news very much lately, at least not for basketball. Ben Gordon was drafted back in 2004, by the Chicago Bulls. He had a few good seasons there, until the league found out he couldn’t play defense. He was an undersized shooting guard, who couldn’t guard. He’s plays for the Texas Legends now. (That’s the G-League team for the Dallas Mavericks) Saturday afternoon, Ben had another one of those hard time days.

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USA Today reported that Police Officers responded to a disturbance, at a Downtown Los Angeles apartment complex, where Ben had been renting 2 apartment units. Apparently the disturbance was over Ben Gordon’s security deposit. Here’s how it all went down. Gordon showed up to the complex to get his security deposit back from the apartment manager. Irma Mota (The apartment manager, who is a woman), didn’t feel that Ben deserved to get his deposit back. An argument began between the two, and according to LAPD and Irma Mota, Ben decided to punch Irma in the face! Irma was terrified at that point for her life, so she gave Gordon part of his deposit back. Ben left the apartment complex with the money.

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Irma called the police immediately, to report what happened. She told them everything Gordon had done. Moments later, Ben Gordon showed back up to the complex, brandishing a knife. Big Ben had come to get the rest of his deposit back! Luckily, a stranger (witness) , saw everything that had been going on, and came to Irma’s rescue. Gordon was really only there to scare her, so he fled the scene. I guess seeing the man put the situation into reality. As Gordon left the apartments, the police were right there waiting for him. He was arrested on site and his bail was set at $60,000. He posted bail Tuesday morning, and his court date has been set for December 19th.

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Ben Gordon hasn’t just a hard time lately, he’s been doing dumb shit lately. According to, he was placed on a psychiatric hold in New York after allegedly locking himself in a gym with a woman, while brandishing a blade. That sounds exactly like what happened at his complex with his apartment manager. He was also arrested back in June for pulling fire arms at his apartment complex. Once again, sounds very familiar, considering it was at the same apartment complex. It sounds to me, that Ben might have some mental issues. Or at least he has issues dealing with woman and weapons. Hopefully he is able to get the help that he needs, or he will have to do some serious jail time. But I will say one thing…

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Ben, if you’re going to hit someone, or pull a knife on someone, it’s probably not smart for it to be your landlord. She has all your information on file. Think about it.

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