Browner Charged with attempted Murder on his Ex-Girlfriend

In 2014, Brandon Browner won an NFL championship with the Seattle Seahawks. In 2015, Brandon Browner won an NFL Championship, beating his former team as a member of the New England Patriots.

That was the Super Bowl where Seattle decided it was best to throw the ball at the 1 yard line, instead of letting Beastmode (Marshawn Lynch) run it in. Fun fact, it was Browner who told Logan Ryan that the Seahawks were going to pass the ball, and Ryan wound up getting the famous interception. That was Browner’s best years in the NFL. Arguably, the best years of his life. In 2018, he might be having his worst.

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According to the New York, Prosecutors say former NFL corner back, Brandon Browner has been charged with trying to kill his ex-girlfriend after breaking into her Southern California home. The LA District Attorney’s office says the 33-year old was charged Tuesday with attempted murder, first degree residential robbery, burglary, false imprisonment, and 2 counts of child endangerment. His Arraignment is scheduled for July 30th.
It was also reported that Browner broke into her apartment, chased and dragged his ex around, and then tried to smother her in a carpet! Prosecutors say he also stole a Rolex watch valued at about $20,000.
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The Washington Post reported that it’s Browner’s fourth arrest over the past 14 months. In May 2017, he was arrested in La Verne on cocaine-possession charges. Four months later, he was arrested on a felony charge of making threats to a woman. This past May, he pleaded no contest to charges of battery and child endangerment. Browner also was charged in July 2016 with assaulting the GRANDFATHER of his child, at the child’s mothers house. He was never prosecuted on that one though because the witnesses were uncooperative. 
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Brandon Browner has become a monster. Well, he might have always been one according to these reports. Multiple accounts of child endangerment, multiple accounts of threats and harm towards women. I don’t know Brandon Browner personally, but everything I have read about him gives me reason to believe that he should be behind bars. He is a threat to to everyone including his family. A lot of times when things like this happen with NFL player, people want to tie in CTE as an explanation why something happened. CTE or not, Browner has shown that he can not restrain himself when he gets angry, and it seems like the people close to him trigger his anger the most. Hopefully the courts make a wise decision going forward with Brandon. His football career is over, so I doubt he will get special treatment this time around. Browner hasn’t played football since August 29th, 2016. (Cut by the Seahawks after last preseason game)
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