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Cam Newton finds a home in new England

Cam Newton in 2015 was monster. That 15-1 season by the Carolina Panthers, was different. shows Cam’s stats for that specific season, and they are unbelievable. He did it all for Carolina in his MVP season. His passing was on point. 3,837 yards throughout the whole season, with 35 touchdowns. His QBR (Quarterback Rating) was the highest of his career, at 67. He also flexed his muscle running the ball too. Cam ran for 635 yards during the 2015 season, with 10 touchdowns. I know the season that Lamar Jackson had last year was amazing, but Cam Newton in 2015 was a problem for the NFL. 

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Cam Newton didn’t finish 2015, a hero. His Superman persona looked more like Clark Kent at the end of Super Bowl 50. His almost perfect season, ended with the Denver Broncos destroying his image. After the game, when Cam was asked to interview, he pouted on National TV. He didn’t take the loss very well due to his poor performance. Unfortunately for him, the next 5 years would continue to be a struggle for him. Cam’s next few seasons after 2015 were decent, but not very dynamic. He began to fall out of favor with the media and a lot of fans as well through the process. There was an interview with a female reporter, where he questioned her knowledge of football. Responded to her question by saying it was funny to hear a woman speaking about running routes. As if women can’t understand football. Shortly after that, his teammates and the organization stopped believing in him too. As amazing as Cam Newton was in 2015, the Carolina Panther found a new offensive threat to lead their team into the future. Christian McCaffrey was drafted in 2017, and quickly became the focal point of the offense. As Cam Newton began to deal with injuries in his last 2 years with the Carolina Panthers, the team began to look for his replacement.  At the end of 2019 season, the Carolina Panthers finally parted ways with Cam. Just 4 years after his MVP season. 

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So whats next for Cam? The Carolina Panthers have already moved on with a new quarterback. Teddy Bridgewater has taken over in Carolina, and the organization is looking to be move in a completely different direction. The question is, “Can Cam Newton return to his MVP form now that he is healthy?” A more realistic question, “Is Cam even healthy enough to play?” The New England Patriots decided to take a chance on his health. On Sunday, news broke that the Patriots were signing Cam Newton to a 1-year deal, worth up to 7.5 million in incentives. 

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An incentive based contract speaks for itself. As good as Cam Newton was in 2015, we have no clue what he will be in 2020. The Patriots don’t either, which is why New England only has to pay him, IF he performs. He will also need to repair his image this season. New England is not a flashy organization. They believe in playing together as a team. No individual should stands out. Cam Newton’s whole career was about him. He has been known in the past as a selfish player. Someone who looks for his own stats first. That shit wont fly in New England under Bill Belichick though. If Cam can buy into the Patriot way, and stay healthy, the sky is the limit. After Tom Brady left New England to play for the Buccaneers, the Patriots looked like they would struggle this season at the quarterback position. On Sunday, the Patriots made a power move acquiring a former MVP who has something to prove to the world!

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