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Cam Newton vs Some Kid???

Cam Newton played like shit last year. I know those are strong words, but he did. I don’t think it was entirely all his fault though. Last year, Cam was picked up by the New England Patriots to be their starting quarterback. As you should all know by now, Tom Brady, who recently won his 7th Super Bowl this month with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, left the Patriots after 2019 Football season. Insert Cam Newton. A former #1 pick and league MVP, signed with the Patriots after he had been released by the Carolina Panthers. Due to his injury history, and inconsistent play, Cam decided to take a “Prove It” deal with New England for 1 year. By doing this, he was determined to show the rest of the NFL that he still had what it took to be a starting QB. Didn’t happen that way.

New England Patriots quarterback Cam Newton walks along the sideline in the first half of an NFL football game against the Buffalo Bills, Monday, Dec. 28, 2020, in Foxborough, Mass. (AP Photo/Elise Amendola)

Cam Newton started the 2020 season off well. At least the first 2 games. That was a mirage. According to, Cam scored 21 touchdowns in 15 games played. That doesn’t seem bad for a QB. Well 12 of those touchdowns were rushing touchdowns, and 1 more was actually thrown to him in the end zone. That means through 15 games, as the starting quarterback for the New England Patriots, Cam Newton only threw 8 touchdowns this past season! And even worse, he had 10 interceptions. A very forgettable year from Cam, but he still deserves his respect for what he has accomplished in his career.

New England Patriots quarterback Cam Newton, center, celebrates his rushing touchdown with teammates in the second half of an NFL football game against the Baltimore Ravens, Sunday, Nov. 15, 2020, in Foxborough, Mass. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa)

 This weekend, a video went viral of some kid, talking trash to Cam Newton. Apparently, the kid was attending his Under Armor camp, and when he was able to get close to Newton, he decided to let the NFL QB have it! According to, “The camp attendee appeared to be heckling the quarterback over becoming a “free agent”, while Newton didn’t make things better when he responded with “I’m rich.” Newton was also heard asking if he could talk to the kid’s father.”

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Since the incident, both Cam and the kid have apologized and explained themselves via social media. I don’t have any problems with the way Cam handled the situation. Obviously he could have left out the part about him being rich, but I believe he said it to prove the point that he is at a level where the camper is aspiring to be. Despite Cam’s struggles in the NFL last season, he still is in the NFL. He still gets paid to play football. You don’t have to be Tom Brady to earn respect. And Cam Newton has earned his respect. And speaking of respect, that kid better get some ASAP. Your 10 seconds of fame is up!

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