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Can’t Ball on a budget.

Growing up my favorite shoes were the Air Jordan Bred 11’s. They are all black with patent leather and have a red bottom. To me, they are one of the cleanest shoes out and I’ve probably re-bought them at least 3 times. Today kids and adults are spending a bunch of money to have the latest shoes that are released. Yeezy’s, Nike Foamposites and Jordan’s are just some of the shoes being sold for hundreds and thousands of dollars. On May 4th, Big Baller Brand released photos of their brand new shoe the “ZO2”, which can be purchased for an outrageous price of $495.

Now you might be thinking, “What the hell is Big Baller Brand, and why fuck would I pay $495 for that shoe?” Honestly I can’t give you a good reason to pay that much for that shoe, but I can tell you what the hell Big Baller Brand is. By now, if you follow sports at all, you probably know who Lavar Ball is. He is well known for his ridiculous comments of him and his son being better than some of the NBA’s best players. Lonzo, his son, was a star athlete last year at UCLA and is going to be one of the top players chosen in this year’s NBA draft. Lavar has used Lonzo’s success to make himself famous. He created the Big Baller brand and has been using his son’s exposure to say wild outlandish things to get into the news. In a world where being an outspoken idiot is glorified, Lavar has been climbing his way to the top.

Lonzo hasn’t played one minute in the NBA and he already has the most expensive shoe ever in history. The pressure that Lonzo will face next year and for his career in the NBA will be massive. He will be attacked every night by players and unfairly judged by every fan just because of what his father has said. His career can only go one of 2 ways. He could come out next year and ball like crazy and become one of the biggest stars the NBA and everything that his father said will be embraced or forgotten. On the other hand, he could have an average or bad rookie season and become the most criticized player in history. There is no in between for him unfortunately. I pray he has success and not ruined by his father’s obnoxious mouth. But either way it goes, I wouldn’t give a penny of my money to the Big Baller Brand, let alone $495.

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