Colangelo Clowns Sixers: GM Burns Team with Fake Accounts.

Bryan Colangelo will have a lot of questions to answers in this upcoming week. The General Manger of the Philadelphia 76ers, is being investigated by the NBA, after a very suspicious report came out about him, that was written by The Ringer’s Ben Detrick. The report states that Colangelo has 5 different twitter burner accounts, that he uses to criticize, demean, and talk shit about his on damn team! The coach, some of the executives, and some players were all called out from Colangelo’s accounts. I mean think about that… Confidential information and private decisions, were all made public by the General Manager shaming the organization.  “Secretly.”

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According to the report, The investigation found the information in the accounts to be “damaging”. Sixers players were talked about like they were commodities. The most notable name was Joel Embiid. Markelle Fultz was also mentioned in some of the tweets, along with former players, Nerlens Noel and Jahil Okafor. Colangelo referred to Nerlens Noel,on one of accounts as a “selfish punk”, and said he was behaving like a vulture.  One of the best tweets had to do with the teams’ best player. When Joel Embiid was hurt last season, and decided to go dance at a Meek Mill concert, a lot of fans criticized him for that. Come to find out, Colangelo was one of the fans criticizing him as well. “Too bad that Embiid danced like a fool and the whole disaster happened, next time he will think twice before mocking his team.”
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Bryan Colangelo denys all 5 Twitter burner accounts.Well he admitted he used one of them. “Like many of my colleagues in sports, I have used social media to keep up with the news. While I have never posted anything whatsoever on social media, I have used the @phila1234567 Twitter account referenced in this story to monitor our industry and other current events. This story like is disturbing to me on many levels, as I am not familiar with any of the other accounts that have been brought to my attention, nor do i know who is behind them or what their motives may be in using them.”-Byran Colangelo
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Bullshit. Colangelo owns all those accounts, and he has used all those accounts. He has admitted to one, but claims he only uses it for updates. Bullshit. If that’s the case he could have used a regular account. Or at least had someone in his organization update him with news. The fact that he was using these accounts to bash the organization, and its players is disturbing. He will most likely be fired from the Sixers organization, and if this all is found to be true, he will never work in an NBA front office again. This information all comes out right before free agency. Good luck Sixers in trying to recruit Lebron James or Paul George when its known your GM talks shit about his own players. More details about this story should come out soon, so until then, THE FLAGRANT FOUL will “trust the process” and just wait.
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