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Too Cool for School, Lavar Decides to Homeschool LaMelo Ball

In the media circus that is professional sports, Lavar Ball has quickly risen to the status of ring leader or  clown (depending on who you talk to) when it comes to basketball. Yesterday, in his latest act of “beating the system”, Lavar announced that his youngest son, LaMelo will no longer attend the famed Chino Hills High School, but rather will be home schooled for the remaining 2 years of his scholastic career. Why? You ask. Because Lavar doesn’t like the coach.

Photo by Dan MacMedan, USA TODAY contract photographer ORG XMIT: DM 136326 LaVar Ball 5/27/2017 [Via MerlinFTP Drop]

Really? Let’s face it nothing about the Ball family is orthodox, from the training regimen, to even Lonzo’s ugly shot, so this move doesn’t surprise me but it does force me question the messages we’re sending to young players and their families. Is this notion that your potential fame and success is enough of distraction to yourself and others that you have to be excused from daily life?

Dennis Latimore, former Notre Dame forward has apparently made comments un-becomming of Lavar’s son and other players from his AAU team, The Big Ballers. Even though LaMelo is known for dropping 92 points in a game last season, Latimore reportedly told players that style of play would not be accepted on his team.  Ball eluded to the notion that Latimore is specifically choosing to stay away from players associated with Ball.

(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)


With the rise of travel programs like AAU and other tournament based leagues, Ball feels like he is the coach and teacher LaMelo needs. In a comment to LA Times reporters, Ball stated “It’s good for Melo, less distractions. He just needs to focus”. LaMelo is still committed to UCLA, however with the release of his own shoe line, questions have risen about his collegiate eligibility.

Whether this is a preemptive move to prevent “distractions” or a message the Ball family patriarch is sending to Chino Hills High School and their new coach remains to be seen. What is clear is that no one is going to tell Lavar Ball how to raise his boys. Period.

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