Crabtree VS Talib: Revenge for the Chain Snatch!

Michael Crabtree has a reputation of being a diva. A very good wide receiver, but extremely soft. Throughout his NFL career, certain players have called him out, claiming he wasn’t as good as he thinks he is. Richard Sherman called him “mediocre”, Josh Norman called him soft, but what Aqib Talib did to him was unheard of. Both times. If you don’t know the history between Crabtree and Talib, then I’ll fill you in. Aqib Talib is one of the best defenders in the NFL, and his job is to guard wide receivers. Michael Crabtree is a receiver, so Talib usually guards him when they play each other. The Oakland Raiders and Denver Broncos are division rivals, so that mean they play each other 2 times per year. Long story short, both teams hate each other. Now that I’ve briefly explained the background between the two teams, now i can explain the drama between the two players.
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January 1, 2017. Denver, Colorado. Oakland Raiders vs Denver Broncos: The Raiders came into the game against the Broncos, on New Years day, already defeated. They lost their quarterback, Derek Carr, to injury in the previous game. Everyone wanted to see if the Raiders could win despite starting a backup quarterback. But the real story of the game was the incident between Aqib Talib and Michael Crabtree. Before the game, Talib told reporters that if Michael Crabtree wore his gold chain out on the field, then he would take it from him. Talib took that as disrespect. Crabtree decided to wear his chain in the game, and Talib followed true to his word. Less then 5 min into the game, Talib and Crabtree got tangled up in a play, and both got in each other faces. Talib saw his opportunity, grabbed onto Crabtree’s chain, and yanked the hell out of it! It broke off his neck, and Talib threw it to the ground. Both started yelling at each other, but Crabtree did nothing after the fact. After the game, Talib continued to talk shit about Crabtree to reporters. Crabtree just dismissed the issue, but it was very obvious that he was pissed off.
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Fast forward to this season. The Raiders and Broncos played October 1st in Denver, but Crabtree did not play due to an illness he had. The Broncos won the game, so now it was time for them to play in Oakland. This time, both Michael Crabtree and Aqib Talib were healthy. It was now time for Crabtree to get his revenge!
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November 26, 2017. Oakland, California. Denver Broncos vs Oakland Raiders: Both teams have been struggling this season, so it was extremely important for both teams to come away with a win. Talib, once again, started off guarding Crabtree. Crabtree, once again decided it was necessary to wear his gold chain during the game. In the 1st quarter of the game, Crabtree got tangled up with Broncos’ corner back, Chris Harris Jr. It looked like Crabtree threw an upper cut toward Harris during the play. It was evident that Harris Jr. was upset with what Crabtree did, and he let him know about it after the play was over. Talib, who is Harris Jr.’s teammate, was not going to let Crabtree get away with that. On the very next play, Talib got tangled up with Crabtree, got in his face, and snatched his chain AGAIN!!! This time, Crabtree wasn’t going to back down! He had enough from Talib and his disrespect. Both of them started fighting, punching, and pushing each other. An all out brawl broke out between both teams. Talib snatched off Crabtree’s helmet and he and some of the Broncos’ players started chasing him around the field. Crabtree tried to take off Tailb’s helmet, to hit him, but Talib wouldn’t let him in, fear of getting knocked out. Crabtree just continued to throw punches anyway. After they finally got a hold of both teams, the referees kicked both Crabtree and Talib out of the game. The Raiders would wind up winning the game 21 to 14.
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This was one of the craziest fights of the year. As bad as this was for the NFL, this fight needed to happen. This was about respect. Crabtree could not let Talib continue to embarrass him. The Raiders’ wide receivers have a reputation of being soft, so Crabtree had to finally stand up for himself to show them that he wasn’t. It was bigger than the game. Most likely, both players will be suspended for another game without pay. That sucks for Crabtree though, because he probably could have used that money to buy another chain.

P.S. Aqib Talib is a punk for not taking his helmet off during the fight!
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