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Dak is Back!!! 160 Million Dollars Richer.

Dak Prescott has officially signed with the Dallas Cowboys. A real contract this time, and not the franchise tag again. On Monday, March 8, 2021, it was reported that Dak would sign a 160 MILLION DOLLAR contract with the Cowboys. The deal would make him the second highest paid player in the NFL, right behind Patrick Mahomes. But is Dak Prescott worth it? Most people believe  Patrick Mahomes is worth every penny of his contract. In his first 3 full seasons, he’s taken the Kansas City Chiefs to the Super Bowl twice, and won a championship once. He’s also won a league MVP. In Dak’s first 5 seasons, he’s made it to the playoffs twice. He’s won 1 game. 5 touchdowns, and 2 interceptions in his 3 playoff games. Those stats aren’t very attractive, but I will explain to you why Dallas thought it made sense to sign him for that much money.

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The Dallas Cowboys are known as America’s team. They have one of the biggest followings of fans in all of sports. Their owner is one of the richest, and more powerful man in all of sports, and has one of the nicest stadiums. Jerry’s World or AT&T Stadium, is a football fans dream. Long story short, anyone would want to play for the Dallas Cowboys if they got the opportunity. Dak has been the starting QB for the last 5 seasons. When drafted out of Mississippi State, in the 4th round, Dak was insurance for Tony Romo.  That Insurance plan would cash out quickly, as Tony suffered an injury in preseason that year. Dak Prescott became the starting QB and never looked back. Although some might say Dak puts up hollow numbers with the Cowboys, I believe he is the reason the Cowboys are competitive at all. According to, Dak Prescott has led the Cowboys in the last 5 season with 106 touchdowns and only 40 interceptions. Over 17,000 yards in his career, and a QBR (Quarterback Rating) of 97.3. And other than last season, Dak has played every game, in every season he’s been in the NFL. Consistency is the reason why Dak got paid 160 million.

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The Cowboys will have their QB signed for the next 4 years. They won’t have to worry about him leaving, or wanting to go play for another team. 160 million is still a lot of money for Dak Prescott, but they structured his contract the right way. According to, “Prescott is getting 126 million of his $160 million overall practically guaranteed with $95 million guaranteed at signing. Prescott is set to make that 126 million over his first 3 seasons, at the average of 42 million dollars per season.” The reason they paid him so much up front is because of the tv money that will kick in within the next couple of seasons. 42 million seems like a lot of money right now, but once the tv revenue kicks in, every quarterback will be making around the same amount, if not more. When you look at it that way, this actually was a good deal for both Dak and the Cowboys. Now lets see if the Cowboys investment will pay off with a Championship.

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