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Did Former Seahawk,Trevone Boykin, Break His Girlfriend’s Jaw over a Text message?!

Trevone Boykin isn’t a star. I honestly didn’t even know he played football until I researched this story. He is a backup quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks. Well, he was until 10:23 am, Tuesday morning. The Seahawks decided to release Boykin today, because of some very disturbing allegations that surfaced about him and his girlfriend, Shabrika Bailey. Apparently Trevone and her got into a heated argument over a text message. It’s not clear whether she got the message, or he did, but Trevone took the argument to another fucking level. According to TMZ, Shabrika spoke to the police, and told them that her and Boykin were arguing over a text message when he started to choke her. She says she lost consciousness…before waking up in a pool of her own blood. She got up from the floor, with a broken jaw.

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“I understand the Seahawks decision to release me. Th story that was reported casts a bad light on the organization and on me. I want to be clear that the story is false. The police have taken statements from the accuser, another witness and me. All of these statements confirm that I was not involved in the physical altercation. This woman has lied about me and it has cost me my job. I know guilt by association is real. This person has fabricated a story and I am suffering the consequences. I will let the legal system run its course and I know i will be vindicated.” -Trevone Boykin 

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Trevone Boykin fucked up. No one is going to believe that he had nothing to do with her injuries. This is YOUR long term girlfriend, who YOU were with, and she has a broken jaw and bruises from an altercation involving YOU! Boykin eventually took her to the hospital, but fled the scene, as soon as he was questioned about what happened. No one is going to believe you’re innocent homie. The NFL has cracked down on domestic violence this past year, and are punishing players severely for it. We have seen countless players suspended or released by their teams for committing these acts. The Seahawks just added Boykin to that list. He wasn’t a superstar, so that made him expendable. So when you do dumb shit, it makes it very easy for them to let you go. Back-ups don’t get second chances. Like Boykin said, we have to wait until the legal system runs its course, but unfortunately for him, the damage is done. No team is going to want a back-up quarterback who breaks peoples’ jaw in his off time.

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