Floyd vs. 50: The IG “Beef” continues!!!

Floyd “Money” Mayweather is firing shots, despite being retired from boxing. The 50-0, undefeated world champion seem to now how a big problem with his “friend/enemy”, 50 cent. (Curtis Jackson)  Instagram is used to keep people connected, but a lot of people use it to take verbal shots at their enemies. Floyd is one of the best at it. We have seen him do this shit to Manny Pacquiao, and Conor McGregor before his fights with them, but this is no boxing match. 50 cent used to be one of Floyd’s biggest supporters. They did business together, got money together, and i guess now, disrespected the hell out of each other! So let me break down the story as far as I know it, as of today.

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Saturday morning, I went on Instagram and saw a post from Floyd, with 50 cent as the main picture. The picture of 50 was him in this weird looking cut off shirt, and the caption read, “Curtis FIVE-0 Jackson, GO SNITCH, OR DIE TELLIN” The caption comes from 50 cents classic album, “Get Rich or Die Trying” Of course as soon as I saw this, I had to go investigate the reason behind all of Floyd’s shade. Trust me the Details behind this, are #HELLAFLAGRANT!
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According to maxim.com, The lastest beef between these two former pals appears to go back to last month, when Mayweather dropped $18 million on what he called “The Billionaire Watch.” In an Instagram comment, 50 called Mayweather out,writing, “Man they found the 1 nigga in the world, dumb enough to buy that watch.” 
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Once Mayweather found out about the comment, all hell broke loose. The picture of 50 that was posted had a very detailed and personal message, from Floyd. Floyd aired out all 50 cent’s business, and a lot of it was too crazy for me to even say on here. Naw, I’m just playing, this is theflagrantfoul.com. WE CAN SAY IT!!! One thing that stuck out to me was when Floyd said, ” you’re mad because your oldest son Marquees mother doesn’t want to be with you! Your Son, your own flesh and blood don’t want nothing to do with you!” That’s some shit you can’t take back. You talk about a man’s son and family on social media is a big no no. You just don’t do that, unless you’re looking for a war. I guess the champ aint tripping off 50 like that. The post talked about how 50 is broke, his family is messed up, his career was awful, and that he has herpes…Yeah Floyd wants a war!
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50 cent wasn’t about to take that laying down. Remember when I told you that Floyd and 50 used to be friends. They both know much more about each other than we do. Bother of them sent multiple messages clowning each other. 50 began to speak about Floyd actually being broke, because he spends all his money on women. He also brought up Floyd’s 11 domestic violence cases. “He beat 50 men, 11 women and caused 2 body’s keep calling me and I’m gonna show up champ.” -50 cent
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This “beef” is going a little too far. I understand that a lot of social media arguments are nothing more than an act, but they are saying things that you just can’t take back. Talking about peoples families, and talking about someone getting a disease or messing with someones wife isn’t cool. I’m hoping this shit dies out soon, or Floyd will be back to fighting in no time.
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Information Source: maxim.com, Instagram
Main Picture Credit: thesportsdaily.com
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