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Game 3, Flagrant Foul Picks: GSW vs LAC

Game One went exactly how I expected as a Warrior’s fan. Live from Oakland, California was the beginning of the 2019 NBA Playoffs. Well there were 2 other games before, but for me it started April 13th at 5:15 pm. The Los Angeles Clippers came in as the 8th seed, and battled the Warriors hard. In the end, it was too much Steph Curry. He had his way on the court, scoring 38 points, 15 rebounds, and 7 assists. Epic Game from the former 2-time MVP.

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Game Two went horribly wrong. Everything, went horribly wrong. Unless you’re a Clippers fan that is. The Warriors started the game off well. Although both teams were battling hard, the Warriors seemed to have the momentum in their favor. And then they didn’t. Demarcus Cousins ran for a loose ball and collapsed.Turns out he tore his left quad, and is out for the rest of the playoffs. To make things worse,they blew a 31-point lead, to loose the damn game. The Series is now tied at 1-1, and is headed to Los Angeles.

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Game Three will be different. The change in location won’t help the Clippers in this one. Usually teams that return home, play a lot better in front of their home fans. I believe this to be true, but I do not believe it will hold up in this game. An embarrassed Warriors team, is not a team you want to face. Everyone is writing, and talking about how much Patrick Beverly is in Kevin Durant’s head. Ok, lets see what Steve Kerr can draw up to get KD open. I know this Warriors team, has struggles at times to keep their focus, but I guarantee you that they will wake up in Game 3. No Boogie, no problem. Look for the game to be close in the first half, but the Warriors will take control in the second half.

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Take the Warriors -8.5

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