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Bones the Cheater!!! MMA Champ Jon Jones Tests Positive for Steroids!

One of the biggest and most controversial MMA stars under the UFC umbrella is back in the midst of yet another huge scandal. Yesterday it was announced by UFC president Dana White, that Jon “Bones” Jones did in fact test positive for an oral steroid just before his UFC 214 match against Daniel Cormier.

Photo Cred: Getty Images

For those who don’t follow the sport closely, Jones is coming off a 12-month anti-doping suspension for testing positive for steroids before his LAST fight with Cormier. Just days prior to the July 29th fight, Jones tweeted a workout image with the caption “Daniel says the only reason I defeated him the first time is because I must have been on steroids, wonder what his excuse will be this time” indicating that he would be entering this fight clean and ready to defeat any notion he was cheating.

Photo Cred: Twitter

In his press conference Wednesday, UFC President Dana White stated “If this ends up where he gets a two or three-year [ban] this might be the end of his career”. White went on to reference Jones’ age in relation to the ban stating “How old is Jon now, 30? Trying to make a comeback again [after the ban] — and you look at what could have been, what he could have done — it’s sad. I don’t know what to say about this one.”

Photo Credit: Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

White, who is gearing up for may be billed as UFC’s most popular event to date, McGregor vs Mayweather, may have just lost one his promotion company’s most notable stars. Jones recently touted wrestling legend Brock Lesner and was suggesting the two meet in the octagon. A fight that would have surely brought in as many if not more viewers than the Cormier matches.

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As for Cormier, he, like the Jones camp, will await the results of the “B” sample before making any hasty statements about the match. However, let’s just be real, if it does come out as true and Jones is stripped of his title, AGAIN, Cormier should not feel as though he lost those matches, he was cheated.

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