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Hard Fouls

Jon Jones says he loves his wife, and her ass!

Jon “Bones” Jones is finally getting back into the octagon after being suspended for testing positive for taking banned substances. He hasn’t fought since 2017. Jon Jones has a history of making terrible decisions. According to Wikipedia, in 2015, Jon was stripped of his UFC championship and suspended after he was arrested on felony hit-and-run charges. In 2016, he returned and won championship. Of course after that he was stripped of his title because he failed a United State Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) drug test for male enhancement pills. Are you starting to see a pattern yet? So in the last 3 years, he fights, than gets suspended. I guess he consistent, if nothing else.

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On Saturday, Jon Jones will be fighting Alexander Gustafsson in UFC 232. The Venue was moved from Las Vegas to Los Angeles, early this week, due to unexplained problems. So what does this fight mean for UFC fans? Well for 1, we hope Jon doesn’t fail another drug test. But secondarily, if Jon Jones defeats Alexander Gustafsson, we might get to see Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier 3!

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The hate between Jones and Cormier is real. When they talk shit about each other, they mean it. Cormier had some choice words for Jon on social media, as both of them went at it on another level. According to, Jon Jones started the war by saying “I could slap your wife on the ass and you could do nothing about it. You’re my bitch D.C. that will never change.” That’s a bold and disrespectful statement. Cormier would counter by saying “You couldn’t do shit you steroid abusing junkie! I swear I would never touch your wife’s flat ass lol” 

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When you start talking about someone’s wife, things change. Just because Cormier put “lol” at the end of his statement, doesn’t mean that shit was funny to Jon Jones. Although he probably was upset at the comment, when he was asked about it at his press conference, he responded in a comical fashion. “He said my wife has a flat ass? She does have a flat ass…but I love it! “

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Obviously Jon was trying his best to make light of the situation, and focus on questions about his upcoming fight. As odd as his response was, it was meant to defuse any unnecessary drama. Drama that he wouldn’t be able to take care of in the present time. But in the future, he will. Both of them will use this as fuel once Jon Jones takes care of his busisness against Alexander Gustafsson. Be patient UFC fans, you will get what you want. Consider this little social media beef as the preview for Jones vs Cormier 3!  

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