Jonathan Martin: The Bullied, has become the Bully.

The victim, has now become the bully. The crazy thing about this story is that, it’s a throwback and a present day situation. If you don’t remember much about the Jonathan Martin/Richie Incognito story from 2013, I’ll explain it to you. Both players played football for the Miami Dolphins. Both were offensive lineman. Those are the big fat dudes, that block for the quarterback (If you didn’t know). Jonathan Martin was a rookie from Stanford that year. Richie was a veteran leader on the team, and was respected by all of the players. This story was the first case of bullying to take place in the NFL (At least that was reported in the news). On Oct. 28, 2013, there was an incident in the Miami Dolphins’ team cafeteria, that caused Jonathan Martin to storm out, and quit the team. To the media, Martin was portrayed as soft, and weak by his teammates. The rest of the NFL felt the same way. His teammates said he couldn’t take joke, that he was being to sensitive, and that it was all in innocent fun. I mean this is football; How the hell are you gonna play this physical man’s game, if you can’t take a joke…
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Once Martin refused to come back to the team, and made the claim that he had been bullied by his teammates, the NFL decided to investigate. According to NFL-investigator Ted Wells, Johnathan Martin was verbally and mentally abused by 3 or more of his teammates religiously. Rich Incognito, Mike Pouncey, and John Jerry, absolutely tortured him. Bitch, pussy, cunt, faggot, were all words used to describe Jonathan Martin. They never called him by his actual name. On the whiteboard in the locker room, where the daily practice schedule was located, they wrote how they planed to torture him, and the times they planned to do it. They made him pay for their expensive bar tabs at the strip clubs, and while at practice, he was used as their personal slaves. The coaches obviously didn’t seem to mind, they thought it was funny. He received countless text messages from them, saying how they planned to have sex with his sister, and hurt her, and him in multiple ways. They basically ruined his life for the time he was on the team.
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Jonathan Martin vanished from the game of football. He was still considered soft by his peers, and the rest of the world, for that matter. They felt he should have handled the situation like a man, instead of running away from it. Since 2013, I haven’t really heard anything from Martin. That was until last month., broke the story, that on February, 23rd, Jonathan Martin was arrested after he posted a photo on Instagram of a loaded 12-gauge, shotgun. The message on the photo was “When you’re a bully victim, and a coward, your only options are suicide, or revenge.” Two of the names he tagged on the photo, were Rich Incognito, and Mike Pouncey. The two teammates, who bullied him the most. The L.A County D.A. gave Martin, 4 counts of making criminal threats, and 1 count of possessing a loaded firearm.
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Bullying has been a major problem in our world, as of late. At first, when I heard this story back in 2013, I felt the same way as everyone else. That he was too soft, and that if he couldn’t handle jokes, than he shouldn’t be playing football. But after reading Ted Wells’ report, and seeing the affects of bullying in the world since, I understand some of his actions. If this is still happening to him, then there is a bigger problem. He needs to get help, but more importantly the bullying needs to stop. Hopefully both him, and Richie see how much this is affecting him, before something bad happens.
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