Josh Norman speaks to @shawn.b.flagrant regarding “Raider’s Beef!”

Josh Norman is known specifically for one thing; Shutting down opponents. Every team, player, and fan, have all witnessed Josh get under an opposing player’s skin. (Odell Beckham, I’m speaking to you!)

 But last year, as I watched my Oakland Raiders go up Washington and get their ass kicked, I realized that our wide receivers couldn’t even get open to catch the ball! What the hell was going on with Amari Cooper and Michael Crabtree? Did Josh Norman scare them that much? I mean to only catch one last between the both of them is pathetic. Raiders of course lost that game, and Josh Norman ended it by calling both players “soft”.

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Fast forward to this week, where me and @flagrantdm got the opportunity to represent THE FLAGRANT FOUL at a sports conference in New York, called Hashtag Sports. With all the great speakers that attended, there was one name that stood out to me. Josh Norman. As I sat there listening to the live podcast he was on, I knew that this was the perfect time for me to ask “What really happened that day against the Raiders???” Watch this video below now. His answer will shock you!!!

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