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Hard Fouls

Justin Crawford: Charged w/ Felony Incest, and more!

Justin Crawford will never be remembered from his days of playing football. The fact that he scored 11 touchdowns in college, and was signed to the Atlanta Falcons this past September, doesn’t matter. The only thing that people will think about when they hear the name Justin Crawford, is statutory rape.

Justin Crawford (Age 23), was found by his wife, in his living room, naked with his penis out. In the same room, kneeling under Crawford, was a 12 year old girl. According to the, after the alleged incident, the girl told her mother she was asleep in Crawford’s living room when the former star running back at West Virginia University enter the room and told her to perform oral sex on him before they had sex, Columbus Police Detective Mark Scruggs said. 

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Crawford denied having any sexual contact with the girl when initially questioned by detectives, but he later admitted to the encounter, saying the sexual contact was the girl’s idea, according to Scruggs.
Justin Crawford has been arrested, and is being held without bond. He is facing felony charges of incest, sodomy and enticing a child for indecent purpose. I hope he gets severely charged for all 3 accounts.

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What really disgusts me, is the actions of his wife. Of course, what he did is truly unthinkable, but the fact that his wife played the situation so nonchalantly, is bothersome. According to all reports, when Justin Crawford’s wife found him, naked with a 12 year old girl, she went back to sleep! The Ledger-Enquirer reported that when Chakeya Crawford was asked about the situation, she said “I didn’t see anyone having sex, or I would have called the police right away.”  Your husband, naked with a 12 year old, in your living room at 5 am, wasn’t enough of a problem for you not to report to the police?

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As far as I’m concerned, Justin and Chakeya Crawford are both to blame. Obviously Justin will be locked up for his actions. Whether it was the girls idea, or yours, you deserve to be in prison. Chakeya should have called the police and stopped the situation immediately. He might be her husband, but some things in life are unacceptable. He deserves to be in jail. Remember, Crawford is being charged with incest. Whoever that 12 year old girl was, means that she is a member of his family!

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