Kawhi wants to be traded to Lakers. Good or Bad for NBA?

Kawhi Leonard shocked the basketball world, when he told the media he no longer wanted to play for San Antonio. Well, I guess it wasn’t a complete shock due to the ongoing feud between him, his representatives, and the Spurs organization. I guess the news was more of a confirmation that he really wasn’t happy.

It was reported by multiple sources that Kawhi wanted out, and that he would prefer to be traded to the Los Angeles Lakers, or the Los Angeles Clippers.

Kawhi Leonard is from the L.A. area, so naturally he probably has dreams to play in front of his family on the biggest stage. I mean who wouldn’t want to play for one of the most famous franchises in all of sports. But here is the kicker. It’s also rumored that Paul George and LEBRON JAMES are thinking about join also! Another #superteam in the making? But is this fair for the rest of the league? All these great players joining up together to destroy everyone else. Is this the best way to take down the Golden State Warriors, and stop their dynasty from forming?

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In the last year we have seen Kyrie Irving, Paul George, and Kawhi Leonard tell their former teams that they want out, despite having a contract in place. All three of them are all-stars, and all three of them were the best players on their former team. (except Kyrie. He was second best to Lebron James.) Kyrie and P.G were traded quickly after stating that they wanted out, and now we wait to see if San Antonio will do the same for Kawhi.

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Personally I think that players have too much control in the current NBA. Free Agency is your time to make your decision and sign with whatever organization best fits your needs. Kevin Durant’s decision to join the Warriors 2 season ago was his right. The Warriors were already a championship team, and by joining them it made them a #superteam, but he was a free agent. He could make that decision. Lebron will be able to do the same this summer. What I don’t think is right, is players openly telling the media that they want out, WHILE THEY ARE STILL UNDER CONTRACT WITH THAT TEAM. Just because you want to live in L.A., or play with your friends, or get away from and organization, (or away from Lebron in Kyrie’s case) doesn’t mean you should force an organization to part ways with you on your terms. Finish your contract out the correct way and become a free agent. Then you are free to go where ever you like.

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The NBA will have a huge off-season this year, and all the big name players will be headlining it. Whether its big name free agent signings, crazy trades, or new drafted players, stay tuned to the FLAGRANT FOUL for all of our outrageous sports stories.

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