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KD vs Draymond: The Family Feuds

KD (Kevin Durant) is one of the best basketball players in the world. Rather you hate him for joining the Warriors, or love the fact he came to Oakland, and won 2 straight championships; you respect the hell out of  KD’s game. He’s a monster on the court. So what the hell is Draymond Green’s problem with him?

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Drama between the 2 Warriors’ stars began to build up during Monday night’s game against the Los Angeles Clippers in LA. The game was tied at 106, with only a few seconds left in the game. Someone had to take the game winning shot. Remind you, Steph Curry is out with a groin injury, so it wasn’t going to be him. Naturally you would think KD would be next inline for the responsibility.  Draymond had other plans. As he got the rebound from the missed shot by the Clippers, he turned to look straight down the court. It was just like a horse with blinders on. The only thing he saw was the hoop at the other end. He didn’t even see KD clapping at him, calling for the ball. KD wanted to take the last shot. Draymond didn’t care. Draymond wound up falling all over himself, and loosing the ball as the time ran out. The game went to overtime. The Warriors lost the in overtime.

Later, the world found out about what went on shortly after that sequence by Draymond, on the  Warriors’ bench. KD and Klay Thompson were visibly mad at Draymond’s decision making for not passing either one of them the ball. As KD sat on the bench, you can see him yelling at Draymond, telling him to get him the damn ball. Making his point that he is the best player on the team. Draymond Green wasn’t trying to hear that shit. AT ALL!!! Draymond instantly went back at KD, like only Draymond can. Yelling and firing back in KD’s face, to a point where they both had to be separated by teammates. The one word that was clear that came out of Draymond’s mouth was “Bitch”. KD definitely wasn’t feeling it. The argument continued into the locker room, and sources say that Draymond questioned Kevin Durant about his upcoming Free Agency. Something that KD has told the world that he doesn’t want to talk about.

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Draymond would later be suspend for Tuesday night’s game without pay, for his comments towards KD. Its not clear yet whether it was for him calling KD a “Bitch” or him talking about KD’s Free Agency decision, but the Warriors thought it was in their best interest to suspend Draymond. That’s 120K out of his check for that suspension. The Warriors would go on to win Tuesday night’s game against the Hawks. After the game, KD was interviewed for the first time since the altercation, and he still seems angry about the situation. (Video Courtesy of YouTube)

If you ever thought Kevin Durant was going to leave the Golden State Warriors this summer, you might have your confirmation. As a proud Warriors’ Fan, this drama might seem bigger to me than it really is, but calling a man a “Bitch” is a serious problem. I know it’s a long season, and eventually both KD and Draymond will have to squash their problem, but for now, IT”S ALL BAD!!! Warriors’ fans are BEGGING Steph Curry to hurry up and comeback. If anyone can fix this, its Steph!
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Videoes Courtesy of YouTube: ESPN’s First Take; Mercury News, East Bay Times

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