Kentucky Derby pays a woman 1.2 million on an $18 bet!

The 144th Kentucky Derby has now come and past and went, but for one woman, the day will live on. Let me take you through the day if you’ve never been a part of what people call “The most exciting 2 minutes of sports.” Cinco De Mayo (May 5th) in Kentucky…I know that sounds weird but the first week of May, thousands of people gather at Churchill Downs race track to watch the ponies run. Millions watch on TV and just as many place BIG BETS on their favorite horses. It’s a social scene as well. The who’s who of the world, like to come and show out their nice outfits and how much money they are willing to spend on their bets. Suit game strong for the men, crazy, decorative hats for the women. That’s what Derby day is all about.

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Betting: Despite trying to be fly as hell, your main concern should be trying to win some money! With thousands of people around trying to place their bets at the same time, its best to know how to bet, and what horses you want to bet on. This year the Kentucky Derby had a total of 20 horse running in the big race. All 20 are ranked in skill and speed. The #1 horse pays off the least if he wins (because he is expected to win), and the 20th pays off the most (because he is not expected to win). What I like to do is bet the first 3 horses that I think will be 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. That’s called a Trifecta. It also pays a lot of money if you win. There are a million combinations to bet, but the easiest way is to pick the horse you think will, and but on it to win.

1.2-million-dollar winner: As you can see by the video, the race was extremely entertaining. The #1 horse “Justify” won by a landslide. “Good Magic”, and Audible, claimed the second and third spots. It wasn’t too much of a surprise on how the race shook up, so the wasn’t much of a big pay day for many people. Except for one. A woman placed a bet in Selma, TX at the local race track on what is called a “PICK 5”. She put down $18 dollars to pick the winners of 5 different races (including the Kentucky Derby), before all the races started. She picked every fucking one right! She was the real winner Saturday, not “Justify.”

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Was it pure skill or blind luck??? Either way that woman got paid!!!

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