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Khloe is DONE! Tristan cheated on her w/ Kylie’s friend!

Khloe Kardashian is done with Tristan’s lying ass! Well supposedly. A story broke on Tuesday, that Tristan Thompson was running around town being foul again. We all know about what happened to Tristan and Khloe last year. Right before their daughter was born, pictures of Tristan surfaced of him having a very nice time with two girls in a hookah lounge. Of course, you can find that story here on The Flagrant Foul! Anyway, back to Tristan’s current problems. 

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According to, They were told Tristan flew into Los Angeles to spend Valentine’s Day Thursday with Khloe and their daughter, True. That sounds like a smart move. Something that a good baby daddy would do. Remind you that Tristan Thompson did not make to the NBA  All-Star game this year. He’s never made the All-Star game. All players who are not involved in All-Star weekend, are off from basketball and their teams for an entire week. That’s why he was able to fly to LA. Back to the story. TMZ also reported that on Sunday night, Tristan was at a house party, where we’re told he snuggled up with Kylie’s BFF, Jordyn Woods!!!

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Kylie Jenner is Khloe Kardashian’s sister. I’m sure everyone reading this, knows that already. I was just explaining it to all those people who live under a rock. Sources told TMZ, that him in Jordyn were making out and were all over each other. Khloe has reportedly ended things with Tristan and is not looking to reconcile.

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I don’t know what the hell to make of this story. Tristan Thompson has some serious problems. Look, we all know he publicly embarrassed Khloe last year, and she still took him back for the sake of their daughter. What the hell was he thinking? From what I know from the internet and TV, Kylie and Khloe are extremely close. And if Jordyn is Kylie’s best friend, then I’m almost positive that Tristan knew about her. I don’t know much about Tristan and Khloe’s relationship, and I’m not going to pretend like do. But from the outside looking in, I would say that Tristan doesn’t give a damn about Khloe’s feelings. The embarrassment from the media, her friends, and more importantly her family, is going to be out of control. And what happens with Kylie and Jordyn? Was Kylie around when all this happened? There are so many questions that have been left unanswered. We will wait for more details to arise, but for now, we will sit back and watch Tristan continue to mess up his life. By the way, the Cavs suck!

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