Knight arrested for Sexual Molestation before Suicide!!!

Billy Knight is now the second former UCLA basketball player to take his own life this week. I wrote a story a few days ago about Tyler Honeycutt, who after a shootout with the police, took his own life. The next day Billy Knight was found dead.

According to USA Today, Former UCLA basketball standout Billy Knight was found dead early Sunday morning in Phoenix. Phoenix Police Sgt. Vince Lewis says Knight’s body was found along a road near a construction site. No evidence of foul play was found. Like Honeycutt, Billy Knight had some demons that he could not conquer. He released a YouTube video (below), letting the world know that he was lost. That although he had grown up with a good background, he changed his direction in life, and felt he did not deserve to live. When I first watched the video Billy released, I kept wondering to myself, “What could a man possibly do, to feel he didn’t deserve to be on this earth?” We all have had problems, and some have been worse than others, but never have I thought about taking my own life. Today more information came about Billy Knight, and its has become a lot more evident on why he committed suicide.

TMZ reported that Ex-UCLA Basketball star Billy Knight was arrested back in June after officials say he sexually abused a child…and sources say the victim was ONLY 9 YEARS OLD! He was arrested and charge with 6 felonies for sexual encounters involving a girl under the age of 15. Some of the abuse took place in the victims home and even in the victims mother’s bed. Because Arizona is strict on sexual crimes involving minors, Knight could have spent more than 50 years in prison if convicted. Knight was out on $100,000 dollar bail, but was due in court in the next couple of weeks.
After I read the article about what Knight had done, I felt sick. Disgusted that anyone could ever get to a point in their lives where they thought this would be OK to do. The video had now made sense. Billy Knight must have finally understood what he had done, and knew there would be no forgiveness. Anytime spent in prison as a child molester, is a death sentence. No one in this world, including felons, tolerate this type of behavior. The story of Tyler Honeycutt, and Billy Knight are so similar, yet so far apart. Both of them had demons they could not get past. Both of them will never be able to tell the world what they did or why they did it. Billy Knight’s problems were unforgivable. Unfortunately, a young girl had to suffer because of his sickness. I would never wish death on anyone, and I wish he would have gotten help before all this happened, but I understand why he took his own life. Some things should never happen.
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