Laremy Tunsil’s Horrible 2016 Draft Day!!! (THROWBACK)

Laremy Tunsil is not a household name. As a matter of fact, his career went up in smoke before it even started. Literally! The 2016 NFL Draft, will always be remembered for the 2 best quarterbacks. Jared Goff, and Carson Wentz. Both players have paid off tremendously for their teams, but there is one player who was predicted to be picked #1 ahead of them. Laremy Tunsil. So why the hell wasn’t he picked #1?
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On the day of the 2016 NFL Draft, I tried to rush home as fast as I could so I would be there as soon as the drafted started. I wanted to see who the Rams would pick first, and what ridiculous outfit the player would be wearing. On my way home, a message popped up on my phone. The message was about Ole Miss’ offensive tackle, Laremy Tunsil. When opened the message, I could not believed what i saw. It was a video of Laremy Tunsil in a gas mask smoking out of a bong!!! And this video came out minutes before the draft. Tunsil’s actual twitter account sent out this shit out!
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According to, Laremy Tunsil acknowledged, in an on-stage interview with NFL Network’s Deion Sanders, that “It was a mistake.” He went on to say “It happened years ago…I did not know about the video’s posting at all. I don’t know who it was…my twitter account was hacked. I’m going to show everybody what type of person I am.”

This shit could not have happened at a worse time for Tunsil. Like I said earlier, he was projected to be the #1 pick.  NFL teams quickly turned their attention away from Laremy as a draft pick, because they worried about his character.And rightfully so. I mean, this is a major red flag no matter if it did happened several years ago or not. Laremy Tunsil did get selected in the draft 13th to the Miami Dolphins. 2 other offensive tackles were selected before him, due to the wild video that surfaced.
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But the internet wasn’t done fucking with Laremy just yet. Right after he was drafted by Miami, messages surfaced from his since deleted Instagram account, of him asking the Ole Miss football staff for money to pay his mom’s “electric bill”. And as we all know by now, taking money from a college sports program is a BIG no-no! His mother denied the allegations at first, but later confirmed that she did and made a huge mistake. More bad news for Laremy Tunsil.
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With the 2018 NFL Draft starting tomorrow, I thought it was important to remind everyone how something small in you past, can easily damage your entire future. Tunsil is in the NFL now, and has been starting for Miami for the last 2 seasons. He still is a good football player, and is still living his dream, but he lost out on millions due to the video. The internet is still UNDEFEATED!
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