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What have we learned from Colin Kaepernick?

The thought that in this America, the one that has twice elected an ethnic minority as President,  we would have an organization who would openly ostracize man for speaking out against social injustices is unbelievable. Granted, The National Football League is a privately owned business and has the authority to police itself as such. Enter Colin Kaepernick, the once Super Bowl contending QB that replaced Alex Smith in the 2012 season due to injury. We all know the story.

But what we didn’t expect is for Kaep’s skillset to diminish, or lack thereof be exposed, depending on how you want to look at it. This put the San Francisco 49ers in a bind as they shuffled through head coaches and Kaepernick battled Blaine Gabbert for a starting spot. The 2016 season was clearly going to be a make or break year for Kaepnernick. Before a Pre-Season game, Kaep decided he was going to sit instead of stand during the National Anthem. Expressing his disapproval of recent racially-based police homicides, Kaepernick continued his protest throughout the duration of the 2016 season.

Playing for a team that didn’t have all the right pieces and Chip Kelly, who is not really the guy you want handling your re-building franchise, it’s fair to say Keep didn’t really do much to impress other offensive coordinators or head coaches either. Opting out of his contract and entering into free-agency, Kaep is now at the mercy of whatever team will have him. Im not one to make conspiracy claims or play the race card, but franchise owners and GM’s are clearly saying to themselves “We can’t have THIS kind of controversy”. Which is where this gets fucked up for me. I’ve watched over 30 years of NFL Football, and I’ve seen players commit some of the most egregious acts and have less problems getting signed.

Is Colin Kaepernick the answer to any teams starting QB problem? Probably not. Does he have post-season experience? Can he win you 5-6 games from the back-up spot if need be? Hell yes. And the only off-field “blemish” if you will, is that he found a peaceful way to protest social injustice and used the media attention he knew he constantly had on him to shed light on a real issue? How do we excuse that? How do you tell me GM’s and owners seriously sat around and tried to find ways to allow Greg Hardy to play? I can say with confidence had Aaron Hernandez beat his cases, he would be getting a max deal right now. And if we have to talk quarter back, Johnny Manzel, you mean to tell me a guy who has produced nothing on the field in his NFL “career” and is the definition of off-feild distraction still has shot and Kaepernick doesn’t?

Again, I’m not calling the conspiracy card, but you have to admit it’s starting to feel like at an owners meeting recently they looked around that room and decided that this league wasn’t going to take a stand on social injustice. And what I’ve learned is that no position is opposition. We get it NFL. As for Colin Kaepernick, he currently continues to give back to his community in whatever ways he can. But as for his career as NFL Football player, we have yet to see if there is still room for him at the table.

Photo Cred:  Moe Epsilon

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