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Lonzo Ball is done with BBB after 1.5 mil goes missing!

Lonzo Ball is finally becoming his own man. No more letting his dad (Lavar Ball) dictate his life and his future. The Big Baller Brand just lost their only client. From the beginning of  Lonzo Ball’s high school, college, and pro career, we have seen and heard his dad during every big event he’s had. Lavar is not a quite man, by any stretch of the word. He has been way to outspoken about all three of his son’s basketball careers. Whether it was Lavar telling the world that Lonzo was better than Steph Curry, or him taking his younger son out of high school to play overseas in Lithuania; he has definitely made some questionable decisions as a business man, and as a father. But I’m not here to talk about Lavar, this is all about Lonzo’s transition out of BBB.

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Do any of you even have Big Baller Brand shoes? If you do, then throw them out ASAP. I know, they cost you about $600, but that was your fault for buying them. Did you really think you were a Big Baller for having them??? Well, you weren’t. You just were someone who wasted money. The crazy thing was, Lonzo didn’t even wear his own shoes. He was always seen in Nikes. And the time he was wearing those ugly ass shoes, he broke his ankle.This overnight, made up shoe brand was all talk, and no show. I honestly feel sorry for people who bought anything from the company, because they didn’t even receive their products for an entire year later.

CHINO, CA – SEPTEMBER 02: Alan Foster (L) and LaVar Ball attend Melo Ball’s 16th Birthday on September 2, 2017 in Chino, California. (Photo by Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images for Crosswalk Productions ) reported the Ball cut ties with Big Baller Brand co-owner Alan Foster on Friday after $1.5 million went missing, with Foster suspected to be involved. Ball also scrubbed his social media accounts from any references to Big Baller Brand. Ball told ESPN that the family believes Foster used them to “enrich” himself, ultimately stealing from the company. Foster is a friend of Ball’s father, Laver, and owns 16.3 percent of the company.

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Lavar Ball trusted Alan Foster. Despite Foster’s troublesome past, Lavar took a chance on his “friend” to help manage the Big Baller Brand for Lonzo while he goes through the NBA season. Unfortunately, Foster played them. Lonzo’s financial adviser attached two itemized reports to an email that allegedly showed unexplained cash withdrawals from Big Baller Brand and transactions between BBB and Foster’s business, Marathon Consulting Inc. “Over $1.5 million dollars has disappeared and he has wired over $474,000 to himself through Marathon Consulting. So close to $2 million dollar has touched Alan’s hands but $1.5 million of it has disappeared in cash and can’t be tracked” -Hunble Lukanga, Finaical Advisor (Deadspin article)

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Through all the bullshit that Lonzo Ball has dealt with this year, this is probably the last thing he needed. Lonzo owned 51 percent of the company, and it seems like he has officially given up on that. Lavar, despite being a terrible hype man for his sons, is still a great father. The fact that he willed his 3 sons to get to this point in their lives is amazing. But I think after this failed venture, he will finally take a step back and let them handle their own careers. Lonzo is his own man, and he is a father now. He has to figure out his own future, with the Lakers, with Lebron, his injuries, his money, and his own family. Getting far away from the Big Baller Brand, was a good start.

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