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Lou Will visits Magic City outside the bubble.

Lou Will has been catching major heat from the media over his decisions from this past weekend. The Clippers’ cleared Lou Williams to leave the NBA bubble, so he would be able to attend a family member’s funeral. Players aren’t supposed to leave the bubble, unless its for an emergency. Going to a family member’s funeral would be considered a good reason to leave the bubble. Going to a famous strip club in Atlanta is not!

Apr 26, 2019; Los Angeles, CA, USA; LA Clippers guard Lou Williams (23) reacts against the Golden State Warriors in the first half of game six of the first round of the 2019 NBA Playoffs at Staples Center. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

 A story came out about Lou Will recently hanging out at Magic City. Apparently while he was leaving the funeral, Lou Will got a little hungry. Being back home in Atlanta, was reason alone to go to his favorite restaurant. Magic City is definitely known for something, but food isn’t it! Since Magic City is one of the most famous strip clubs in the world, a lot of famous people frequent it. Lou Will ran into Atlanta rapper, Jack Harlow, while he was waiting on his food. The two of them decided to take a picture together, and Jack Harlow decided to post that picture to social media. This is where the story gets interesting.  A lot of people saw the picture and, started questioning Lou Williams’ decision to be at a strip club, while outside the bubble. Jack Harlow deleted the picture shortly, but it was too late. He then tweeted that the picture was older, and that he posted it because he missed Lou Will. False. The problem with Jack Harlow’s tweet, is that the picture clearly shows Lou Will wearing a face mask. The same face mask they gave him in the bubble. 

Image from

Lou Will doesn’t see this as a problem. He just wanted to go get chicken wings from his favorite restaurant. So why would there be any problem with that? Surprisingly, his story checks out. Lou Will actually has his own chicken wing flavor on the menu. The lemon pepper, barbecue wings are supposedly very popular too. A lot of people rave about them. If Magic City was just a regular restaurant in Atlanta, this wouldn’t be a big deal. But because its a gentleman’s club, it looks like he was out partying while he was outside the bubble.

Image from Lou Williams’ tweeter via

Lou Williams has returned back to the NBA bubble. He wasn’t able to test for COVID-19 while gone, so he must quarantine for at least 10 days before returning. That means he will miss the first two games ot the new season. This is a bad look for Lou Will, but I genuinely believe he went to Magic City for the food. I also believe you can kill two birds with one stone! 

To hear more about this story, tune into the #HELLAFLAGRANT Podcast that airs July 30th! 

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