Madden 19 Tournament has mass shooting in Florida!

Madden is one of the most popular games ever created. At least it is for sports fans. I buy a copy of the game every year. One of my favorite things to do is to play against my friends, or play online. Talking shit is not an option, when playing Madden. Everyone does it. But of course, you shouldn’t ever do it to an extreme. Today, in Jacksonville, Florida, in a scheduled Madden tournament, things went past “extreme.” Today, there was a mass shooting at this very tournament, where 3 people died, and 11 people had gun shot wounds.

According to, the shooting occurred at the Jacksonville Landing complex during a qualifying even for the Madden 19 Tournament at the GLHF Game Bar, CompLexity Gaming, one of the gaming teams, said on Twitter. The Landing is an open-air marketplace with stores bars and restaurants in downtown Jacksonville along the St. Johns River.
Photo Credit: says that a gunman opened fire at a “Madden” video game tournament on Sunday afternoon at a popular Jacksonville mall, killing two people and injuring multiple others before turning the gun on himself and taking his own life.
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As horrific as this is, the fact that it was being streamed live is even worse. The video at the bottom doesn’t show actual footage, but you can here the suspect shooting his gun multiple times, and people retreating the scene. The victim has been identified as David Katz, of Baltimore. He was only 24 years old. Apparently, David had traveled to Florida, just to participate in this Madden Championship Tournament.
Photo Credit: , This is a picture of David Katz. He was the mass shooter at the NFL Madden Tournament.
Its unfortunate to have to write a story about a shooting over a video game. It’s just a game. I understand that there probably is money involved. I understand that you might have lost and are embarrassed. And I even understand that you traveled all the way there, and things didn’t work out for you. But those, and no other reasons, are excuse for you to kill or shoot anyone. They did nothing wrong to you. This is a Madden Tournament. Everyone that came to this, expects to win. Everyone participated in hopes of being the champion. Do they deserve to die, because they played to win. And once again, Madden is just a game.

David Katz took his own life, but it does not bring back the lives of the other to victims. It does not help the people who were shot and taken to the hospital, or the other people who had to witness this. Today was a tragic day in America, and to think it was all over a video game makes it even more heartbreaking. Hopefully people will understand now that Madden, and any other video game, is just a game. And that nothing is worth harming someone over it.
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Video Courtesy of Youtube, from MSNBC.
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