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Madden Season is HERE!!! Who’s ready to play?

Madden Season is finally here!!! After what seemed like a long ass drought, football is back in our lives starting this Thursday. The Hall of Fame game will be played against the Broncos and the Falcons. I know nobody cares about the Hall of Fame game. It’s just another preseason game, featuring guys you’ll never see on either team. The only thing that it represents, is that the NFL is back. Madden represents the people. NFL fans that love to play out the competition. To represent your team, and battle your friends like you were on the field. It’s also a fun way to gamble. 

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What does Madden mean to most people? To the NFL fan, it means control. The ability to play as your favorite team, or to build a franchise like you were an owner. You can play as one specific position, manage your team as the coach, or be the owner. Any avenue of competition that the NFL has, you can be apart of. Its your world. For the Girlfriend that dates the man who owns Madden, it means you’re going to have to be understanding. Your man will be in straight competition with his friends, members online, of the computer. Yes He will be loud and obnoxious. Yes he will be on his XBOX One or Playstation 4 longer than usual. And lets be honest, he probably won’t respond to your texts right away this weekend. It doesn’t mean that he’s cheating on you, it just means he’s having fun.

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What about actual NFL players? Do you think they care about Madden? The answer is HELL YES!!! Most, if not all NFL players, play Madden. They are the biggest critics of the game. I mean, wouldn’t you be? The biggest reason is because of their ratings. Take Patrick Mahomes. He’s the cover athlete this year for Madden 20. Last year, he had an MVP season. On a scale from 1-100, he is ranked this year a 97. Which makes sense. He deserves it. But their are a lot of other players that weren’t ranked that high. Being in a locker room with your teammates, or knowing other players around the league, I’m sure players talk about each others rankings. Whether they deserve them or not.

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NFL Madden 20 drops for XBOX One and Playstation consoles Friday, August 2nd. Here are some of the player ratings I thought were worth looking at before you go buy your copy of the game.

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Best Ratings: Aaron Donald, LA Rams 99; Khalil Mack, CHI Bears 99; Julio Jones, ATL Falcons 98; Ezekiel Elliott, DAL Cowboys 94; Adam Thielen, MIN Vikings 94; Alvin Kamara, NO Saints 90 (SHOULD BE HIGHER!!!)
Worst Ratings: Richard Sherman, SF 49ers 93; Stephon Gilmore, NE Patriots 94; DaVonta Freeman, ATL Falcons 89 (ALL RATED TO HIGH!!!)

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