Melo still has hoop dreams, but will the NBA take him back?

Melo wants back in the NBA! Carmelo Anthony will always be remembered as a 3-time, Gold Medalist. He will go down as one of the best offensive players of all time. In 17 seasons, Melo averaged 24 points, 6.5 rebounds and 3 assists per game. He’s time in Denver and New York, he was a monster. A one man scoring machine. No one in the NBA could guard him. But then things changed. The NBA changed. 

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The Golden State Warriors went on a 5 year-historic run that changed the way other teams played the game. Studies proved that the more passes that teams made during an offensive possession,calculated in more points. That became a big problem for Melo because he likes to hold the ball until he figured out a way to make a move.The other change was the 3-point shot. I know they had a 3-point shot when Carmelo played, but teams didn’t shoot them as frequently. Now, every team shoots an alarming amount of 3 pointer during the game. Hell the Houston Rockets shot more 3-pointers, than 2 pointers in a season. Another big problem for Melo, because he rarely shot 3-point shots. That’s just not his game. All that equals to Melo not having a job in the NBA.

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Carmelo only played in 10 games last year. The Houston Rockets cut him early in the season because they had no use for him anymore. The 10-time All-Star did not play like an All-Star. The game had passed him by. His dinosaur basketball game wouldn’t translate in this new NBA world. Melo hasn’t played for another team sense. He continues to work out hard. He continues to post Instagram video’s of him working out in New York. Trying to prove he has one last shot at the NBA. His trainer came out today on a New York radio station called “The Breakfast Club” to let the world know that Melo is ready for another chance. Other NBA players, like Damian Lillard, have been in support in seeing Carmelo return to the NBA.

Video Courtesy of Youtube.com and ESPN’s First Take that aired 7/31/2019

Carmelo Anthony is one of the best basketball player to ever play. I can admit that I loved to watch him play. Offensively his was a nightmare, but seeing him play now is a different kind of scary. Do I think he can still play in the NBA? Yes. His trainer says that he is better than 60 percent of players right now. Do I think that? Yes. So you’re probably asking, “Whats the problem then?” The problem is that Melo won’t change his game to the way the NBA is constructed now. You cant teach an old dog new tricks. Not only that, I don’t see Carmelo going to any team that’s not a contender. He wants to be in the spotlight. He also won’t want to come off the bench, or play for the league minimum. Melo’s ego is the only thing that keeping him out of the NBA. He has to realize that first, before any team gives him another chance. 

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