Mia Khalifa: Featured Flagrant Female!

As I was researching the internet for a story, I came across something very interesting. I began to read about a new video game that was coming out, and how players were reacting to it.  NBA 2K is one of the most popular games among sports fans. It’s also seems extremely popular among NBA players. All the players are ranked on how good they are. For example, Kevin Durant is rated a 96 in this year’s version of the game and last year you could argue he probably was the best player in the NBA. So if someone is rated like a 75, then they probably aren’t that damn good. Players are taking their 2K rating very seriously. John Wall of the Washington Wizards, didn’t think he deserved such a low rating in last year’s game. It bothered him so much that he tweeted one of the games’ creators, and let him know exactly how he felt about it. What I found interesting though, was the tweet that former porn star Mia Khalifa sent out supporting John Wall’s player rating. Apparently, she likes him so much that she was willing to do whatever it took to boost his rating up, even let the game creator touch her breasts! Even though this was all for fun, it made me look more into her and see if I could find more sports related topics that involved her. I found a bunch, and they are extremely interesting.

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Other than Mia being an extremely gorgeous and talented ex porn star, she’s also very passionate about sports. She rides for her favorite teams. (no pun attended!) As I looked at some of her tweets and Instagram posts that have been made public, I definitely saw that she wasn’t afraid to speak her mind or embarrass someone at any time. And that goes for athletes and public figures too. On Instagram, Mia blasted Meek Mill and Joel Embid of the 76ers, with the comment “Room full of L’s”. Joel Embid obviously didn’t find that funny as he responded back with his own comment to her, as you see below!

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Mia is also a big Florida State Seminoles fan. Chad Kelly, who used to play quarterback for Ole Miss, thought it would be cool to invite her to one of his games. Mia didn’t seem to excited about that as she expressed her feelings in this Direct Message. #FLAGRANT

Photo Credit: farrahgray.com
Photo Credit: totalprosports.com

The last one is my personal favorite. Duke Williams of the Buffalo Bills tried his best to get in good with Mia. Constantly hitting her DM’s, hoping to get a response. She finally did, and embarrassed the hell out of him. It was so bad she exposed it for the whole world to see.

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Mia Khalifia doesn’t play around. As soon as I saw these tweets and DM’s, I had to share how interesting they were. Of course there are more, but you’re just going to have to follow her @notthefakemiakhalifa to see them. She definitely is what THE FLAGRANT FOUL is all about!

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Information Credit: Twitter, Instagram

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