How much can one man take?

Boston has a very rich history in sports. Between the New England Patriots, Celtics, Bruins and Boston Red Sox, they have a total of 36 championships. The pride runs deep in that city and their fans are the proof of it. They are some of the most wild, aggressive and outspoken fans and they go hard for their teams. On May 1 in Fenway Park, Adam Jones of the Baltimore Orioles got to witness firsthand how aggressive they can be.

Throughout the entire night, Jones was racially attacked by fans as he tried to concentrate on playing against the Boston Red Sox. Being called “Nigger” and all types of other hateful things, Jones did his best to keep his cool. He said it was the worst judgment that he has ever faced in his entire life. One punk ass fan even threw peanuts at him while he was sitting in the dugout. Around 60 people were kicked out of Fenway Park that night for their aggressive behavior. Jones feels that the fans punishment should have been more severe but he was happy that they were removed from the ball park.

Unfortunately racism is still very much alive. There should be no part of it in sports or anywhere else for the matter. As a fan you should always cheer and back your teams up to the fullest. Heckling is a part of the game and it makes for an exciting experience between fans and players but there is always a thin line. If you wouldn’t say that shit to someone in their face, then don’t be the clown that does it from your seats. Adam Jones didn’t deserve to be called a “Nigger” or have peanuts thrown at him while playing baseball. No one deserves that at anytime. And for the 60 people that were thrown out of Fenway Park on Monday night, you got what you deserved. There is no place for that bullshit.

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