NBA 2018 Draft has arrived! Who will be #1?

The 2018 NBA Draft has arrived, and all they young athletes are getting ready to see which teams will choose them and where. The Draft takes place again in Brooklyn, NY, at the Barclays Center.

A select few players have been invited to sit in the green room, to patiently wait for an NBA team to call their name, and begin their career. With only a few hours left before the Draft, FLAGRANT FOUL has come up with a mock draft to show you who we think will be drafted in the lottery and where.

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  1. Phoenix Suns: Deandre Ayton, C, Arizona
  2. Sacramento Kings: Michael Porter Jr., SF/PF, Missouri
  3. Atlanta Hawks: Marvin Bagley III, PF/C, Duke
  4. Memphis Grizzlies: Luka Doncic, SG, Slovenia
  5. Dallas Mavericks: Mohamed Bamba, C, Texas
  6. Orlando Magic: Trae Young, PG, Oklahoma
  7. Chicago Bulls: Jaren Jackson Jr., C, Michigan State
  8. Cleveland Cavaliers (via Nets): Collin Sexton, PG, Alabama
  9. New York Knicks: Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, PG, Kentucky
  10. Philadelphia 76ers: Mikal Bridges, SF, Villanova
  11. Charlotte Hornets: Miles Bridges, SF/PF, Michigan State
  12. Los Angeles Clippers (via Pistons): Kentucky Wendell Carter, C, Duke
  13. Los Angeles Clippers: Robert Williams, C, Texas A&M
  14. Denver Nuggets: Kevin Knox, SF, Kentucky
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The potential of some of the players is through the roof. As we have learned in years past, just because a player is picked later on in the draft, doesn’t mean he won’t become a great star. (Example: Draymond Green, picked 35th) You never know what you’re going to get in players, but here are 3 players that might already have their future determined.

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Sure Pick: Marvin Bagley III. I think Marvin is the best all-around player in the 2018 Draft. Even though I think he could become a better shooter, His ability to score around the basket and rebound with the best of them, makes him a sure pick. As the game is changing into a position less league, Marvin has the ability to put the ball on the floor and create for himself with ease. He might not be Kevin Durant, but he is skilled enough to develop a complete NBA game very quickly: (Comparison: A More Dominate Chris Bosh)

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Not So Sure Pick: Trae Young. In the beginning of last year, Trae Young was projected to be the next Steph Curry. His range was incredible, his handles were impeccable, and his passing game was unbelievable. And then defenses figured him out. The NBA is more of a spread out game. If he can get stronger, and work on his shot selection he will be a tremendous player. If he can’t he will be normalized and just an average NBA player. (Comparison: Skinny Verison of Mike Bibby)

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Tune into the NBA Draft Thursday to see what players are drafted, and compare them to our list!

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