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NBA bubble comes with complications

NBA Basketball is final back, beginning July 30th! If you’re like me, not having sports these last 3 months has been brutal. But the NBA has final come to terms with the player’s association, to resume play at the end of the month. So lets rewind things back to when the NBA official shutdown. LeBron and Lakers were playing the best basketball of their entire season. Zion Williamson had taken the league on by storm, as he finally made his rookie debut for the New Orleans Pelicans. The Golden State Warriors were…. absolutely terrible. And the Rockets were about to head into the playoffs with no one on their team taller than 6-5. Everything in basketball seemed to be rounding into form after the All-Star break and then, COVID-19 (Coronavirus) hit the world. 

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The NBA, just like the rest of the world, came to a complete stop. Everyone reading this should know the effects of what comes with this virus. Sheltering in place, wearing masks, and stay away from people as much as you can. And even though the world is still in this process, a lot of business have started reopening with special guidelines. The NBA is one of those businesses that are finally opening back up. 

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July 30th it all begins. The location: DISNEY WORLD! As fun as that sounds, The rules for the NBA returning, are not all fun and games. Due to the Corona virus outbreak, the NBA needed had to find a big enough location to accommodate the top 22 franchises. That includes all players, coaches, and other staff members with each team. Not to mention referees and other media members. That’s why having it at the happiest place on earth, was a no brainier. They call their secluded area in Disney World, “the bubble.” Once players are in this bubble, they aren’t allowed to leave. Not even to go around other parts of the Disney World theme park. They will be required to take a COVID-19 test as soon as they arrive, and will be quarantined until their test results comeback negative. They also will be tested regularly while in the bubble. If any person tests positive, they will be quarantined for a minimum of 2 weeks before they can retest. Once cleared of the virus, they can resume play.

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So what can players do in the bubble? Because players are not allowed to leave, or bring family members and friends into the bubble, the NBA must provide some sort of entertainment. Despite being confined to luxury hotels rooms, players will have their options of activities when they aren’t playing in games. According to, The league is planning on providing movie screenings, DJ sets, three freshly prepared meals a day, (four on game days!), boating, bowling, fishing, golf and the availability of barbers, manicurists, pedicurists and hair braiders. I also heard there will be NBA 2K tournaments, as well as players being set up with video games consoles for their room as well. Sounds like a lot of fun, if it were any other circumstance. 

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The problem with the NBA bubble is that players wont be able to be around their significant others. On road trips, when players stay in hotel rooms, they are free to do whatever they want. Women and partying are a normal occurrence for some NBA players. Some players even bring their wives on the road with them. The bubble doesn’t allow either. Being away from wives, girlfriends, or flings might be hard for some players to deal with for 3 months. Players and coaches are not allowed to have guests until the second round of the playoffs. Do you think players will be able to handle the regulations of the bubble? Be sure tonwatch the upcoming #HELLAFLAGRANT Podcast episode, as we talk about the problems the NBA faces coming up with their restart.

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