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Nets hire…Steve Nash??

In what has undoubtedly been a rollercoaster of a year for sports, the Brooklyn Nets, in the most stealth way possible hired Steve Nash with a four year head coaching deal. Really?

Let me start by saying that I have always respected the player that Steve Nash became. From his work in Dallas, to leading the Suns, and even playing along side Kobe with the Lakers, Nash has always been a tough competitor. And, I will not doubt that he has exceptional basketball knowledge. BUT, no work as an assistant (he was a shooting coach for the Warriors during the championship runs), no history of head coaching on any level, but yet he passed up some very notable candidates for the job.

With Ty Lue, David Fizdale, Sam Cassell, and Mark Jackson all on teams watchlist for future headaches, many people thought any one of those guys would end up getting the Nets job. I mean a seasoned coach with experience should be rewarded with two returning All-stars that should be at full health and a team that showed promise in the bubble, right?

Guess not, and I can’t speak on the Nets hiring process maybe they had interviews with some of these guys…who knows? But I do know is that NBA Twitter erupted when the news hit and let’s just say the people are evenly divided.

I’m going to wish Steve the best, I mean he is dealing with the two biggest Divas in the league and in a tough city like Brooklyn, so we’ll have to see how this plays out…

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