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NFL Super Bowl Sunday is finally here, and it looks like we might have the game of all games. February 7th, 2021 in Tampa Bay, Florida, the best player in the NFL, will play the greatest player in NFL history. Patrick Mahomes vs Tom Brady. Everyone loves to make comparisons about LeBron James and Michael Jordan; well this would be the equivalent to that, if they put on a helmet. Patrick Mahomes, and the Kansas City Chiefs are looking to repeat as Champions with their high powered offense. Tom Brady is going for his 7th Super Bowl Championship, but the first with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Speaking of Buccaneers, they will be the first team in NFL history to play a Super Bowl in their home stadium. Because of the COVID-19 outbreak, there will not be as many fans in the stadium this year as usual, but its still an advantage to play the Super Bowl on your own field. So who wins the BIG GAME? 

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Kansas City Chiefs (-3): Kansas City has thrived all season with their second half adjustments. In games they start off slow, Head Coach Andy Reid has gone into his back of tricks, and pulled out comebacks like they were candy. Of course, its easy to do that when you have the best Quarterback in football. In order for the Chiefs to win the Super Bowl against Tampa Bay, they will have to exploit their secondary. If you remember the game from early in the season when the two teams matched up, Tyreek Hill had a field day against the Buccaneers. Almost 300 yards and a few touchdowns. Tampa wont let that happen again, but they still need to go to the well with Travis Kelce and Mecole Hardman. They also need to get Le’Veon Bell involved as well. I know he’s not the same player he used to be, but him have an advantage in the short pass game is key to the Chiefs’ success. On defense, there is only 1 goal. GET TO TOM BRADY!!! The more pressure you get on the 43-year-old Quarterback, the better. He’s been known to throw a pick or two when he’s under fire. I have full trust in Andy Reid and his staff to put together a game plan for the Big Game. Now lets just see if Bruce Arians can do the same.

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+3): Tom Brady is the G.O.A.T. No arguments needed. To take a team who didn’t make it to the playoffs the year before, all the way to the Super Bowl in his first year, screams praise about how outstanding he still is and his presence. Sunday will be a tall task, even with the team around him. Tampa will have to win this game with defense. I’m not saying that they have to completely stop the high powered Chiefs, they just have to make KEY STOPS. The key is their defensive line. Can they take advantage of Kansas City’s banged up offensive line? Patrick Mahomes will still make plays but can they scheme up plays to confuse the superstar Quarterback, and make him uncomfortable throughout the game? And then it comes down to Tom Brady and the offense. We know the G.O.A.T will give it all he has, but will the rest of the players on offense be ready for the challenge. Playing in a Super Bowl is a lot harder than people give it credit for. 

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OVER/ UNDER 56.5: I can genuinely make a case for an Under here, but I don’t want to. This is the Super Bowl damn it! The higher the score, the better! If you are going to place a bet on this game, take a look at the conditions before the game starts. Florida is known for it’s unpredictable weather, and you never know when rain could start coming down. I don’t believe this will play a factor in the game, but if you like the UNDER, this is something to think about. The injury report will make an impact on how this game turns out. With the Chiefs missing some key players to their offensive line, it might be hard for their offense to generate points. Antonio Brown is doubtful for the Buccaneers, and we all know how much he can impact the passing game. Last but not least, you might want to wait until gameday to make your final bet, just to see if anyone is affected by COVID-19. If anyone tests positive, they and anyone around them WILL NOT play in Sunday’s game. No matter who it is! So now, without further ado, here are your #HELLAFLAGRANT Podcasts host’s picks for SUPER BOWL LV.

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Shawn.B.Flagrant’s Pick: Chiefs win 35-31. (BET Chiefs -3.5 and OVER 56.5)
FlagrantDM’s Pick: Buccaneers win 34-30. (BET Tampa +3.5 and OVER 56.5)

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