NFL Running Back LeSean McCoy Accused of Domestic Violence, Child Abuse, and Drug Use!!!

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The National Flagrant League is back in the headlines again today for all the wrong reasons. NFL running back LeSean McCoy has been put on blast by social media for allegedly abusing his girlfriend Delicia Cordon (@decordon).

Pictures surfaced on one of De’s friends’ accounts (whom shall remain nameless), of a battered Ms. Cordon and a statement that fully suggests McCoy was to blame. The friend’s post also suggests that McCoy abuses his dog, his son, and takes steroids and other illegal drugs. 

Delicia, who is the mother to a child from former NFL player, Marcus Vick, has reportedly been with McCoy off and on since 2016. A relationship that started in the gossip headlines no-less, as Vick accused McCoy of infecting his child’s mother with an STD. Following social media posts by both Cordon and McCoy, Vick later recanted this statement. Cordon was also accused of creeping with a married Dwayne Wade back in 2013. Neither party acknowledged these rumors. 

With no publicly known evidence that their relationship consisted of violence, this incident comes as shock to many that know Cordon and McCoy. However, in recent months court documents show that the couple was clearly having some troubles. 

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In June, McCoy went to court to ask a judge to have Cordon removed from a home he owns in Georgia. In his court documents he stated that “Defendant is girlfriend of owner/plaintiff and refuses to leave.” These documents also indicate that Cordon was in possession of things that McCoy felt like belong to him. 

What’s #HellaFlagrant about this portion of this story is that today, Tuesday July 10th 2018, was scheduled as the court date for the hearing in this particular matter. Not saying this was posted as way to get out of this but something drastic happened between these two, and I’m confident this court case had something to do with it. McCoy took to his own account to post that these allegations are “False and baseless”. 

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I’m never going to absolve abusers, and believe that anyone harming women, children, animals, even other men, deserves to be punished to the fullest extent of the law. I will say, that as a society maybe our women need to work together on what and who they consider as valuable. Too many instances occur where someone could have, and maybe should’ve left a situation sooner, but their mind was focused on something they felt was more valuable than their health and safety. 

As we wait for the details to emerge and the league to make a decision on punishing McCoy, all we can do is hope that Ms. Cordon and her family are safe, and that justice prevails over the court of public opinion…


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