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NFL’s Most Wanted

On a year that the Patriots won the Super bowl (2017) and on the day that the Patriots were scheduled to be congratulated at the white house by the president (4/19/2017), Aaron Hernandez was found dead in his prison cell in Massachusetts. The 27-year-old was serving a life sentence for killing his former friend Odin Lloyd, who had been dating Hernandez’s sister at the time. He also was acquitted for the killings of Daniel de Abreu and Safairo Furtado, who apparently spilled a drink on Hernandez in a Boston night club. The man found hanging today in his jail cell, was also an amazing football player.

In the 3 years he played in the NFL for the Patriots, he totaled 175 receptions for 1,956 yards and had 18 touchdowns. An average of 11.2 yards per catch. In 2012 he was given a $40-million-dollar contract with an $12.5 million dollar signing bonus. Unfortunately for the Patriots, they invested in a killer. In a league where drugs, alcohol, rape and women beatings are common, this man went to the extreme. Disguised as an NFL player, Hernandez used his platform to do whatever the fuck he wanted to. Killing anyone who crossed him or stepped in his way, literally.

Whether it be for someone stepping on his shoes, shooting his friend in the face behind a Miami strip club or killing his sister’s boyfriend, Hernandez had no remorse for human life.  An American gangster who only took a break on Sunday’s to play football. The real question is how the fuck did a serial killer make it into the NFL. I guess if you can play out of this world no one cares what the fuck you do.

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