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Released! Parole Board Unanimously Voted For OJ Simpson’s Release from Prison

Since the story of Orenthal J Simpson, OJ, or “The Juice” is already so popular, I think I can spare you the details of how he got to this point in his life. The illustrious football career, the numerous movie and TV appearances that followed, the violent double murder case and the acquittal that shocked the world, followed by a series of eerie books that describe how he wold have gotten away with murder all seem to define the life of the entertainer known as OJ Simpson. But I think its safe to say, following all of that no one expected the 5x Pro Bowl Running Back to end up spending his retirement in a state issued jumpsuit pleading for his release.

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Currently serving a 33-year sentence in Nevada for charges stemming from a 2007 kidnapping incident, Juice is now eligible for a second parole board hearing. The conditions of his 2008 sentencing stipulated that OJ would not be eligible for parole for at least 9 years. However, in 2013, OJ was paroled on 5 of the 12  charges of his conviction.

Photo Cred: ABC News

Today, 11 days after his 70th birthday, OJ was again in front of the parole board. The hearing, which was publicly televised, was in front of the four sitting members of the Nevada State Parole Board. The board holds 7 seats occupied currently by 6members and needs at least 4 votes to grant parole. This means, in OJ’s case all four members in attendance needed to unanimously decide that Simpson is fit to return to the free world.

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Well, looks like OJ said whatever he needed to say to get released because the Nevada Parole Board just granted his release for October of this year. With what I’d call a lackluster defense and a poorly put together apology, OJ is going to be walking out of prison as early as October 1st of this year. However, unlike his notorious murder acquittal, I doubt we’ll see droves of people celebrating the Juice’s release. Well, maybe his family. OJ’s impending release could mean serious money for the former football and movie star.

THE PEOPLE v. O.J. SIMPSON Photo Cred: Variety Online

The 2016 ESPN Film “OJ: Made in America” was seen by over 35 million viewers in its initial run* and the FX Mini Series, The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story was reportedly seen by an estimated 12.7 million viewers in each of it’s 8 weeks on air. What does this mean to OJ? People still care about his story. As twisted, violent, and underhanded as his story may be, people are obviously intrigued by the life and times of OJ Simpson. Less we forget, his former attorney and best friend’s wife, Kris (Kardashian) Jenner is now the media queen of reality TV. So we know the opportunity for her to make a dollar off OJ and his story is lingering around like the memories of the man formerly known as Bruce, too soon?

Photo Cred: USA Today

So regardless of how you feel about OJ’s criminal history, the numbers prove that America is still fascinated by his story. I guess in this country, fame will always remain more important than morals…


Featured Image Credit: ABCNews

*Source: Variety Online

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