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Revenge for Game 7

I can only remember two things from last year’s NBA season. The night the Golden State Warriors broke the Bulls 72-10 season win total, and the night they lost game 7 of the NBA finals. The happiest moment of the year and by far the saddest. I can’t even put into words the anger I felt in seeing the Cleveland Cavaliers accepting the championship trophy on our home court. And seeing LeBron James’ ugly ass crying face once they won was they worse part of it all. The Warriors choked. They blew a 3-1 lead in a best of 7. As a Warrior fan there are no excuses I can give you for why they lost. Steph Curry playing hurt is not an excuse. Draymond Green punching LeBron in the balls and getting suspended for game 5 is not an excuse. Harrison Barnes missing damn near every shot is not an excuse. We lost that series because we lacked toughness. Finally, the Warriors will get a chance to get their revenge on the Cavaliers and this year they’ve added another MVP to the lineup.

July 4, the Warriors won the free agency war and landed 2014’s NBA MVP Kevin Durant. The 8X all-star decided to leave the Oklahoma City Thunder and join the Warriors for this upcoming season. We all know how much scrutiny he received for his decision and the drama that surrounded him and former teammate Russell Westbrook because of it. The Warriors instantly became most hated team in NBA history. Even though the Cavaliers won the championship last season, the Warriors were now the team to beat. With all the ups and downs of this NBA season, the two teams that every wanted to see, are back once again in the finals for the 3rd straight year.

June 1st, redemption begins in Oakland. The stage has been set for the epic NBA finals between two teams that have been playing at their best. Who will perform when the lights are at their brightest? LeBron James is playing for his legacy. Winning a championship this year might help justify the case that he is greatest player in NBA history. Even better than Michael Jordan. It’s is up to Curry, Durant and the rest of the Warriors to stop that from happening.  Curry must prove to everyone that he was chosen as the unanimous MVP for a reason. He must be the player we have seen throughout the regular season and not the one we have seen in the last two finals. He is the Warriors leader and now is the time that he lets the world know that he runs this league. For Durant, this is about taking LeBron James’ thrown. Becoming the best player all around player in the NBA. About him getting his first championship and proving to all of the haters that the decision to leave OKC was the best one.

Revenge for game 7 starts now! There will be no excuses for anyone at this point.


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