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Rolling too much loud

Music festivals are seeing a huge resurgence as hip hop, pop and rock acts bend genres and collaborate so are their fans. Scene, Rolling Loud Music Festival. Location, Miami Florida.

According to several news outlets, New York Jets wide receiver Robby Anderson was arrested this past weekend at the high-energy music festival for misdemeanor obstruction of justice and felony resisting arrest. According to multiple reports, Anderson was in a secure area and was asked to leave multiple times by security and refused to do so. Allegedly a fight ensued between Anderson and the security officers which led to police involvement.

Here’s where the story gets interesting. Once Miami PD got involved, apparently Anderson attempted to strike the officer, he was then “redirected” (if your black that means you got kicked probably in the back or face. If you’re white it means you were asked to sit Indian style nicely…but I digress) to the ground, where he continued to fight police and security. From the ground? This police report seems a little sketchy. I mean seriously if the police have you on the ground how much fighting could he really have been doing?

Nevertheless, as we await the details of this case, the NY Jets are presumably down 3 and now possibly 3 high-caliber players to start the season. Tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins will start the season with a 2 game suspension (DUI), WR Jalin Marshall and CB Nick Marshall will both sit out the first 4 games (PEDs).

I guess the Jets will be looking heavily at training camp prospects and draft picks this summer if they plan to have a decent start this season.

Photo Cred: TMZ Sports

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