Ruben Foster Innocent? Accuser LIED about Domestic Violence!

Ruben Foster has had a terrible last 3 months, but it looks like its all coming to an end. If you haven’t heard anything about the San Francisco 49ers’ Linebacker, then I will update you quickly.

In February, Ruben Foster’s Girlfriend (Who we now know is Elissa Ennis) reported him to the police for domestic violence. Ruben Foster was arrested on 3 different felony counts. She claimed that Ruben punched her in the head 8-10 times (which caused a ruptured eardrum), that he dragged her out of the house by her hair, threw her on the ground spit on her, and would not let her contact the police. It was awful to even think that someone could do this to another person, especially his girlfriend. We talked about this on the #HELLAFLAGRANT podcast a little while ago, and said that he deserved jail time for this. But the more time went on, the more outrageous the story started to get. Ennis kept changing the story and began to add more things to the story that were not originally spoke about. She even spoke about Foster throwing her dog across the room. And then on Thursday, at the preliminary hearing in San Jose, Elissa Ennis finally confessed…

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According to, Ennis who testified against the advice of her attorney Stephanie Rickard, said she made up the story because she wanted to ruin Foster’s career and sue him for money after he broke up with her on the morning of Feb. 11. She also admitted to falsely accusing a former boyfriend of domestic violence in Louisiana in 2011 after he attempted to break up with her. 
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Ennis sat in that court room for 2 hours where she confessed all her lies to the counsel, and to Ruben Foster. She called it a “Money Scheme”. Her plan was to get all of Ruben Foster’s money some how, and because she wasn’t his wife, she wouldn’t be  entitled to anything if they broke up. Sadly, this was the best idea she could come up with. She did manage to steal about $8,000 from him and 2 Rolexes. She also copied his routing numbers for his accounts. But what about her injuries? How the hell did she fake that…?
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According to Ennis, She sustained her injuries in a fight that took place in San Francisco on the night of Feb. 10. After getting her hair done near Oakland, Ennis said she headed toward Pier 39 in San Francisco. After another driver cut her off, Ennis said she returned the favor and then her and the driver of the other car began motioning at each other before pulling to the side of the road. From there, Ennis said she and the other driver engaged in an altercation that lasted about 15 minute. –
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Now that all of the lies are confessed, and the dirty laundry has been exposed, I still feel like there is more to this story. I mean, who comes out so causally after 3 months, and said it all was a lie? She should have felt bad for wrongly accusing Ruben Foster, but why now? A person that would steal and lie on another person’s name, turn him into the police, and do everything to ruin his life, wouldn’t completely change her story around for nothing. This now ruins her life, and destroys her reputation. Something doesn’t add up. Tune in to next week #HELLAFLAGRANT podcast, where we will break down our thoughts of what we think is really going on with Elissa Ennis’ confession.
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