Running Lines! Dolphins O-Line Coach Exposed on Video!

Miami Dolphins Offensive Line Coach, Chris Foerster resigned early Monday morning after a video surfaced of him snorting what appears to be cocaine.

I discovered the Facebook Video from a story posted by a local Miami news site (unfortunately I can’t find the original link for credit sake). The video has since gone completely viral and shows Foerster snorting multiple lines of a powdered white substance and is speaking into the camera directly.

[Facebook has removed the original video link, but screenshots live forever!]

The video clearly was intentional, there is no way Foerster can claim he was “setup” in anyway. The person he was allegedly speaking to in the video, Kijauna Nige, is a self proclaimed “Professional Tease” according to her Facebook page.

What that job fully entails, ill let you decide. What has been decided is Foerster’s fate as an NFL coach, at least for the forceable future. The Dolphins, in conjunction with Foerster released a statement confirming Foerster’s termination of employment with the team.

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The Dolphins offense has been laughable at best, literally. Jay Cutler has been the butt of most Monday morning QB jokes this season. With Matt Moore waiting in the wings, many have wondered why Miami hasn’t made changes to its offense. Well this change may not help anything on the field but hopefully it sends a message for off field behavior.

I dont know that any criminal charges will be or even can be brought against Foerster in the matter, but we do know he needs to get his shit together and stop professing his love to hookers on video while hoped up on opioids.

Just saying…

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